Hamilton: Max Verstappen has b

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Hamilton: Max Verstappen has been calling Wolff asking for a job

Max Verstappen wants to defect to Mercedes in 2021, that’s according to Lewis Hamilton who says the Red Bull driver has been phoning Toto Wolff for a job.

Hamilton: Max Verstappen has b

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Fresh from a sixth championship double, Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes has its pick of the grid for 2021 with even Max Verstappen wanting a job with the Silver Arrows.

The 22-year-old Dutchman as yet to decide his future with Red Bull facing a tough task holding onto the rising star.

‘Every driver including Verstappen phoning Wolff’

Although the 2020 Formula 1 grid is set in stone, with both Hamilton and Verstappen staying put, the 2021 line up is very much up in the air.

Neither Hamilton nor Verstappen have contracts in place with the former believed to be considering a switch to Ferrari which would free up a space at Mercedes.

That space could go to Verstappen.

The Red Bull driver has been linked to Mercedes since his arrival in Formula 1 back in 2015 as his father, Jos, is a close friend of motor sport boss Toto Wolff.

But while earlier this year while Verstappen denied reports he has been in regular contact with Wolff, Hamilton says the Dutchman has been asking for a job.

Coming onto stage moments after Verstappen at the recent FIA gala awards, Hamilton was asked about his future at Mercedes.

He replied: “It’s an interesting time because there’s a lot of drivers who are seeking positions everywhere.

“I’m talking about the calls Toto gets from every driver, including the one who was up here just recently, asking to come.

“Everyone is trying to leave their team to come to where we are. Which is an understandable thing because everyone wants to win, they all want to be a part of a winning formula.”

Hamilton admits won’t be easy leaving Mercedes

Wolff has made it clear that he won’t go “fishing” for a replacement until such a time as Hamilton has made a decision about his own future.

The Brit has been heavily linked to a move to Ferrari with reports in Italy claiming he met with Ferrari president John Elkann on two occasions this year.

Hamilton, though, seems to be leaning more towards staying at Mercedes long-term.

“I don’t think it’s a stressful thing at the moment,” he said. “There’s always a clear pathway of communication between myself and Toto. There’s never been any secrets and that won’t change.

“I love where I am and I love the people that I work with so it’s really difficult to walk away from something you love as much as I do. The team, the organisation, all the way through to the bosses.

“I’ve been with Mercedes since I was 13 so it’s really hard to imagine myself anywhere else.

“What we’ve built in the last seven years, obviously Mercedes has been working longer than that, it’s dominant, it’s a strong force.

“I think it’s taken us time to build that, the strength in depth, the consistency we have. It’s not something that’s come overnight.

“The other teams currently don’t have the elements we have in place. And it takes time to build those things.”