Red Bull Racing’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Image: Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

Boring Monaco GP? Verstappen takes action!

Max Verstappen is keen to help improve the Monaco Grand Prix, highlighting overtaking challenges and suggesting potential solutions.


Red Bull Racing’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Image: Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

The difficulty of overtaking at the Monaco Grand Prix was glaringly apparent during last weekend’s race on the iconic Monte Carlo circuit. Many fans found the event tedious as drivers grappled with the tight and winding track.

Verstappen’s Proposal for Change

Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, has shown interest in collaborating with Formula 1 to improve the spectacle of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The 2024 race was unique, with the top 10 positions remaining static from qualifying through to the finish, marking a first in Formula 1 history.

Verstappen finished in sixth place, while local hero Charles Leclerc emerged victorious.

When RacingNews365 inquired if Verstappen would join discussions to enhance the race, he replied, “Of course – if they ask for my opinion, I will try to see what is possible. But it also depends on what kind of roads you are going to take.”

The Overtaking Dilemma

Monaco has always been infamous for its overtaking difficulties. Verstappen described the event as “not really racing,” reflecting the frustrations of several drivers.

His sixth-place finish was his lowest at Monaco since 2018, a year when he managed to climb from the back of the grid to ninth.

Exploring Solutions

One proposed solution is to mandate a certain number of pit stops. However, Verstappen cautioned that there is no simple fix. “We have to look into maybe some other things first, just like mandatory tyres or whatever,” he suggested.

“I mean, it’s not the first time. Monaco has always been a bit like this. Probably now more people have an opinion about it. But it’s not an easy solution, I think.”

Monaco: Historical Context

The Monaco circuit’s narrow and twisty nature has always posed challenges for overtaking. The 2024 race brought these issues into sharp focus, emphasizing the need for potential changes.

Fan Reactions

The lack of overtaking has led to growing dissatisfaction among fans, many of whom are calling for changes to make the Monaco Grand Prix more thrilling.

As Formula 1 evolves, striking a balance between preserving Monaco’s historic allure and improving the racing experience is essential.

Verstappen’s Future Outlook

Verstappen’s readiness to contribute ideas could play a crucial role in enhancing the race. His extensive experience and insights may help identify viable solutions to make future Monaco Grands Prix more exciting for drivers and spectators alike.

In conclusion, the Monaco Grand Prix’s overtaking challenge remains a significant issue. While Verstappen and others are eager to find solutions, any changes must be carefully considered to maintain the unique character of this storied race.