MasterDrive image ofgray-haired peson walking with their service dog on a legal crossing

MasterDrive supports the GDA with buy a brick campaign for Mandela Day Photo by motorpress

MasterDrive supports the GDA with Buy-a-Brick campaign for Mandela Day

MasterDrive is another company taking their part in helping the world very seriously. They are supporting the Guide Dogs Association of South Africa through the Buy-a-Brick Campaign on Mandela Day.

MasterDrive image ofgray-haired peson walking with their service dog on a legal crossing

MasterDrive supports the GDA with buy a brick campaign for Mandela Day Photo by motorpress

During the course Of 2022, MasterDrive pledged their support for the South African Guide-Dogs Association (GDA). The association plays an important role in equipping the visually impaired, service dogs and all drivers to safely share the road despite the challenges such an interaction naturally presents. For this and several other reasons, MasterDrive is supporting the GDA this Mandela Day.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says they were fortunate enough to see the work this organisation does.

“It allowed us to appreciate that this does not only affect the handlers of the dogs but other road users as well. Now, the association is in need of a property extension and we are gladly participating to make this a reality.”

Eugene Herbert, The CEO of MasterDrive

“As GDA is a non-profit organisation They rely on the community to help them get the facilities and resources they need. Consequently, they have an initiative, that is open to the public, where one can assist in making the extension possible by purchasing a brick, or as many bricks as you would like, so that they have the materials available to do this.”

How MasterDrive supports the GDA

In the spirit of Mandela Day, we will be supporting this initiative. “As such MasterDrive will purchase a minimum of 67 bricks and make this campaign a reality for the worthy individuals that work at the association and, in particular, for the service animals that play an invaluable role in their handlers’ lives.

“We are also in talks to harness the power of all those that support us and the GDA in making this an even greater opportunity to support them. Many individuals are aware of our Woman with Drive event held each year and we aim to incorporate the initiative into our upcoming event. More information will be supplied on this as soon as details are finalised.”

In addition to contributing ourselves, we work with a number of corporates that have the potential and the desire to make a difference as well. “As such, we challenge as many organisations as possible to make their own pledge to the GDA and meet us in our commitment or, even better, beat us! We know how powerful it is when corporates come together to make a difference and we encourage each of you to join us this Mandela Day in doing that.”

How can you help?

If you would like to purchase bricks on behalf of the GDA please follow the details and links below. Do not worry you don’t need to actually buy the brick yourself; it is much easier than that. Thank you to every organisation and individual joining us in making this possible. Whether it is with one brick or 670 bricks, it has the potential for great change.

Guide dogs association of south africa puppies with buy a brick campaign contact details with MasterDrive
MasterDrive supports the Guide Dogs Association of South Africa with Buy a Brick Campaign for Mandela Day image by Motorpress

Banking details: 
South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind
Account number: 62927657463
Branch code: 210554
Ref: MD bricks 

If you would like to speak to the GDA, please do not hesitate to contact:
Tanya Schonwald:
Florence Bilsland:
Call: 011 705 3512
WhatsApp: 084 671 6359

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