This is the most potent V12 La

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. Image: Supplied

This is the most potent V12 Lamborghini ever built

No turbochargers required, as Lamborghini shows its best V12 yet.

This is the most potent V12 La

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. Image: Supplied

Lamborghini is all about hyperbolic automotive engineering and the Italian supercar brand’s latest venture is its boldest yet.

It is called the Essenza SCV12 and if you believe that Lamborghinis should only ever be V12-powered, this new supercar certainly follows that formula.

Lamborghini Essenza: A very exclusive audience…

Lamborghini is targeting its Essenza at a very exclusive audience, those enthusiasts who appreciate that the best way to experience a supercar, is not on the road – but rather, at a track day event.

As such, the Essenza is not a conventionally road-legal car, because it lacks the space to mount a licence plate and rolls slick tyres, which have no grip in wet conditions. But that does not mean it is without purpose.

This latest Lamborghini supercar is built to deliver the purist possible driving experience and only 40 lucky owners will ever have that privilege.

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What marks it as particularly special, is the claim that Lamborghini’s most potent V12 yet, sits amidships. Although the company is not divulging the exact capacity of this new V12 engine, it has no qualms about confirming the peak power output, which is greater than 619kW.

Lamborghini’s largest V12 engines have been 6.5-litres in capacity and there is little doubt that engineers have strayed from this formula.

The SCV12 is not all-wheel drive, like most road-going Lamborghinis. It drives the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox, promising the most direct steering experience possible. A treasure of winglets and diffusers help this Lamborghini generate huge volumes of downforce at speed, which assist in keeping the car stable at high cornering velocities.

Acclaimed Italian motorsport component supplier, Brembo, provides the brakes to safely decelerate this Lamborghini and model specific Pirelli competition tyres add mechanical grip.

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The cabin is very different to any other Lamborghini. There are no airbags or infotainment system, and a collection of button and dials which control various engine, gearbox, braking and suspension configuration systems.

Beyond its radical design, the appeal of a Lamborghini that cannot be driven on the road might appear odd, but owners will become members of the Essenza SCV12 Club.

This association will organise events at some of the world’s best racetracks, where SCV12 drivers can really test themselves and revel in the ability of their supercars.

Lamborghini has a revived South African presence, which means that one of the exotic motorsport venues that could attract the SCV12 club, might be the revamped Kyalami, which is also owned by the local Lamborghini distributor.