Hyundai Kona N

The Hyundai Kona N. Image: Quickpic

First-look: Hyundai teases the Kona N – its all-new SUV coming to SA

Hyundai has released some teaser images of the latest member of the brand’s high-performance N range, the Kona N.

Hyundai Kona N

The Hyundai Kona N. Image: Quickpic

The all-new Kona N, which we could see in South Africa towards the end of the year, will be the latest addition to the Hyundai N brand line-up, and the first N model with an SUV body type.

As the first images reveal, the “hot SUV” boasts a sporty appearance, emphasised by its wide, low stance.

Hyundai Kona N: Bold and dynamic

For the very first time, the Hyundai N division and Hyundai Design Centre worked together to develop on an SUV body type, creating a product that clearly represents a powerful presence and driving fun.

The all-new Kona N combines the modern design of the recently launched new Kona with the bold and dynamic language of the company’s N models.

The front view is dominated by large, sporty and iconic air intakes, and the new light signature gives Hyundai’s latest high-performance model an aggressive, powerful appearance. The lower grille defines the character of the bumper fascia: Its shape is inspired by an aeronautic fuselage and extends to the side of the car, emphasising its aerodynamic efficiency and speed. An N logo on the unique upper grille completes the look.

Image: Quickpic

Sporty spice

At the rear, a large double-wing roof spoiler for enhanced downforce gives spice to the rear view. It also incorporates a third, triangular brake light, as is customary with N models.

Large N dual exhaust mufflers fully express the model’s high-performance spirit. Lower down on the rear bumper, a large diffuser enhances the airflow departure. The sporty appearance is further emphasised through body-coloured fenders, bringing Kona N visually closer to the ground.

Image: Quickpic

Eye-catching features

The all-new Kona N is equipped with the eye-catching features reserved for N models, such as exclusive alloy wheels and red accents that embellish the side sills.

The all-new Kona N will be the latest addition to the Hyundai N family, Hyundai’s high-performance, motorsport-inspired line-up. It will also expand the successful Hyundai SUV family in Europe.

More information will be revealed soon.