Eric Clapton Ferrari 599

Eric Clapton’s ‘garage sale’: Ferrari 599 still up for grabs

The legendary blues guitarist with a a soft spot for the Italian exotics, has been busy selling off his car collection recently. Did he run out of garage space?

Eric Clapton Ferrari 599

Eric Clapton has been parting ways with some members of his beloved — and renowned — car collection: His Lamborghini Superleggera has already been snapped up for a rumoured £125 000 (about R2.8 million), while his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 is still up for grabs on the site for £89 900 (about R2 million) from car dealer GVE London on Auto Trader UK.

Slowhand with a need for speed

Since reaching superstardom, Eric Clapton, also known by his stage name “Slowhand”, has shown a fixation on supercars, with a particular penchant for Ferraris. It may be ironic that Slowhand loves cars that are so fast, but this hasn’t stopped the rocker from amassing a covetable collection.

He’s rumoured to have had more than 10 Ferraris over the years, with many of them used as inspiration for his songs, and some even gifted to him by friend and fellow musician, The Beatles’ George Harrison.

Eric Clapton talks about his passion for Ferrari, music and technology

The Ferrari 599 F1 is one of Clapton’s most desirable cars (although he has said in the past he prefers the 612 Scaglietti, an opinion many Ferrari enthusiasts would disagree with).

Clapton’s Ferrari 599 F1: All the specs

It has a beautiful contrasting Nero Daytona Black exterior on Castoror Light Brown interior with a BOSE HiFi System installed – all the better for rocking out to. The sleek Ferrari also has monolithic 20-inch allows, the renowned Scuderia Ferrari shields and a 6l V12 engine. It can go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 329km/h.

Auto Trader’s YouTube director Rory Reid said: “The legend that is Eric Clapton is renowned for his classic car collection – after his music career, of course – and it’s well known how much he loves his Ferraris. He’s even made use of Ferrari’s secretive One-Off Programme in the past for a reported £3 million [about R67.9 million], so you know he’s not messing around!

“This particular Ferrari 599 is stunning and so well-maintained. The fact it received Eric Clapton’s seal of approval before being sold on makes it that much more special. For a blues lover, who also has the money for it, this is a perfect buy.”