Toyota Hilux GR campervan

The Direct Cars Toyota Hilux GR campervan is the ultimate bush bakkie. Image: Direct Cars.

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Is this Toyota Hilux GR campervan the ultimate bakkie? It hails from Japan but it looks purpose-built for the South African bush.

Toyota Hilux GR campervan

The Direct Cars Toyota Hilux GR campervan is the ultimate bush bakkie. Image: Direct Cars.

Finally, South Africans in the market for a Toyota Hilux GR campervan need look no further. If you love your Toyota Hilux so much you can’t bare the idea of not sleeping in it, a Japanese customising company has created the perfect Toyota Hilux GR campervan.

Toyota Hilux GR campervan: Tell us more

Toyota Hilux GR campervan
Direct Cars has created the ultimate bush bakkie. Image: Direct Cars.

The Japanese firm, Direct Cars, as reported by Drive, has prepared two bespoke Toyota Hilux GR campervans. They are for those who love to ramble into the bush, but would prefer a rather more glamorous experience when they arrive at their destination.

It’s full title is the Toyota Hilux GR Sport BR75 SUV Adventure Camper and we’ll hit you with the price first: 12.4 million Japanese Yen. Woah, that sounds expensive.

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You probably reckon it won’t be that bad converted to Rand. No, you’d be wrong. the Toyota Hilux GR campervan costs the equivalent of R2.47 million. Yikes. Currently, the top-of-the-range Toyota Hilux in South Africa, the Legend RS, retails for R945 000.

So it’s a millionaires’ play thing

Image: Direct Cars.

Afraid so. But if you crave the allure of the bush and the freedom of camping where ever takes your fancy, do not despair. Direct Cars also offers more affordable, less-equipped versions, these will set you back closer to R2 million.

The Toyota Hilux GR campervan’s rear load bay is replaced with a bespoke camper with a bathroom, lounge and fold-out bed. There is even dual-zone air conditioning for those super-hot days in the bush.

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Better still, a roof-mounted 200-watt solar panel tops up the Toyota Hilux GR campervan’s 200-amp battery, which supplies power to the air-conditioner as well as 1 500 watts to a pair of plugs.

So this Hilux really has it all?

That’s correct, even a small bathroom complete with a shower and waterproof floor. Also included in the camper is an 85-litre water tank, an additional 20 litres of storage for clean drinking water and a 45-litre drain tank.

Just to remind ourselves, the Toyota Hilux is powered by the latest-generation 2,8-litre making 165 kW and 550 Nm. That’s plenty of power for the custom conversion which undoubtedly adds quite a few extra kilograms to the original ladder-frame chassis.