Lotto Plus

ITHUBA, operators of the National Lottery
Image via Unsplash

LOTTO viewers: WATCH an old Lottery Draw here

LOTTO viewers: who still remembers the days when numbers were read out by a person on-screen? Watch an old lottery draw here!

Lotto Plus

ITHUBA, operators of the National Lottery
Image via Unsplash

The National Lottery draw is broadcast nationally, and can be found streaming on the Ithuba YouTube Channel – but who still remembers days when the LOTTO numbers were read out by a real person?

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Younger netizens might not remember live lottery draws with people, but many others will still think back to the excitement of waiting for the numbers to come up – while people in fancy clothes stood by the draw machines.

Here’s where you can watch an old lottery draw, back when Nimrod Nkosi was one of the presenters!

LOTTO viewers: Remember Nimrod Nkosi?

Nimrod Nkosi was born in the 1970s: he’s had an extensive acting history, and you might remember him from some of your most beloved local shows. He was in both Scandal and Jam Alley, and played a pastor in the television show Hope.

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Back in 2000, he was still one of the human continuity presenters of the LOTTO draw.

Instead of numbers just showing up on the screen, the show had people handling the balls: then calling out the numbers.

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Someone even uploaded an older LOTTO draw on YouTube: watch the weird glory days of National Lottery draws over here.

Today, he presents the show Utatakho on DSTV – and helps people out to find their biological fathers.

(Some) of Nkosi’s Film & TV Credits

Nimrod Nkosi is one of South Africa’s most well-known actors, and he’s had a long list of film and television show credits. Everyone remembers him from something!

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According to his IMDb profile, his roles include Hijack Stories (2000), Umakoti Wethu (2021) and Hope (2018). Other viewers might remember him from the series Scandal, or maybe even as the host of Jam Alley.

The live LOTTO draws today

Live National Lottery draws might have changed a little.

These days, you can still watch the LOTTO numbers – but there’s no continuity producer involved like the “older days” of the draw!

Draws can be seen at Ituba’s YouTube channel, or you can check the results after the draw from the Ithuba website.