Herman Mashaba ActionSA IEC Poll 2021 Elections Joburg

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IEC’s ability to deliver ‘free and fair elections’ questioned by ActionSA

After lodging a THIRD complaint with the IEC, ActionSA – led by Herman Mashaba – have taken a pot-shot at the Commission’s integrity.

Herman Mashaba ActionSA IEC Poll 2021 Elections Joburg

Photo: Twitter

With the 2021 Local Elections round the corner, one party is having more difficulty with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) than all others – and no, we don’t mean the ANC: It’s actually ActionSA who are at loggerheads with the organisation, after they were dealt another blow in their debut campaign.

ActionSA at war with IEC… again

Previously, the IEC had delayed the group’s registration as a political party. They’ve also seen their candidates for the vote on Monday 1 November excluded from the official voting lists, and although the matter was resolved, it seems like a hat-trick of issues has now been flagged by Herman Mashaba and his colleagues.

Michael Beaumont, the National Chairman of ActionSA, has expressed the party’s frustration over a set of ballot papers that contained only their logo, and not the actual name of the organisation. A dispute over ‘required acronyms’ has blown up, after ActionSA chose to use their full name – given that it fit the IEC’s eight-character limit.

“The 10:00 deadline for the IEC to remedy the absence of ActionSA’s name from the ballot papers came and went without a response from the Commission. We will now presume the Commission has no intention to remedy the matter. In turn, ActionSA’s legal team will immediately begin drafting court papers on an urgent basis.”

“The perspective is that, by refusing to remedy this issue, the IEC is in breach of its overarching responsibilities to ensure free and fair elections – a critical component of which is ensuring voters are able to identify their political parties in various ways that include the party logo, party name, acronym, and party leaders.” | ActionSA

Party seniors fume over ‘unfair treatment’

Beaumont went one step further, compelling the IEC to ‘act in the best interest’ of the 2021 Local Elections. Miffed by the administrative hiccup of their campaign, it’s clear that ActionSA has lost faith in the Commission.

“The IEC must act in the interests of free and fair elections. Our brief time as a political party has been beset by issues with the IEC. We have been refused to register as a party, and although the exclusion of our candidates from a list published this week has been solved, we must ActionSA are reflected equally on the ballot papers.”