2021 Elections rerunning

President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen – Photo: GCIS

Coalition deadlock: ANC, DA split on ‘rerunning’ the 2021 Elections

Two leaders, two very different viewpoints: But just how practical would rerunning the 2021 Elections be for South Africa?

2021 Elections rerunning

President Cyril Ramaphosa and DA leader John Steenhuisen – Photo: GCIS

Could we really go through all of that again? The various deadlocks presented by the 2021 Elections have the potential to lead South Africa down a very unfamiliar path – and there is now talk of ‘rerunning the vote’ to break the impasse.

Rerunning the 2021 Elections… surely not?

There are two strictly opposing views on this matter, one of each endorsed by the ANC and the DA respectively. Ruling party leader Cyril Ramaphosa is already open to the idea of rerunning the 2021 Elections.

Last week, he told crowds that another election ‘might have to happen’ if parties fail to come to an agreement on coalitions in some of the biggest municipalities and metros in the country, and ruled out any ‘casual partnerships’.

“We can’t treat coalition partnerships like a casual relationship; it’s a marriage and there are conditions – these conditions must be clear. We want coalitions that are stable but we also want credible coalitions and we want to have a situation where we have a programme of work.”

“Obviously there is a timeframe for these coalitions to take place and if those negotiations fail, the legislation kicks in. And then there might have to be another election.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

ANC, DA on two different wavelengths

Indeed, the appetite for coalition governments seems to have disappeared. There are parties that none of the ANC, DA, or EFF will work with under any circumstances – and gone are the days of a Maimane/Malema pact from 2016.

However, rerunning the 2021 Elections isn’t an option John Steenhuisen is willing to entertain. The DA leader believes the process would take way too long, and accused the ANC of trying to overturn a result ‘they do not like’.

  • Rather typical of this year’s vote, we’ve got yet another split right down the middle…

“The idea suggested by President Ramaphosa that we will rerun these elections is misleading. The earliest that could happen is in mid-2022. People mustn’t be taken in by this argument. Yes, it could well be that minority governments are set up across the country – it’s not ideal, but the results ARE a fair and accurate reflection of the will of the people.”

“Just because you don’t like the result, you can’t go and ask for a rerun. We’ve got to do our best to make this work. We respect the democratic framework of the 2021 Local Elections.”

John Steenhuisen