Jacob Zuma

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Zuma “never wanted to be president” in the first place. There you have it

Turns out el presidente didn’t want to be… el presidente at all.

Jacob Zuma

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Chatting to delegates at the ANC Amathole regional conference on Monday, near Port Alfred on Monday night, the president told people he would actually have been happy just carrying other people’s bags.

 “I did not want to be president because I knew all these difficulties,” Zuma said, likely referring to the difficulties of actually being president and sticking to the constitution at the same time.

“I thought being in the background and assisting leaders by carrying their briefcases, their jackets and the like it would be just fine than to lead because to lead is a difficulty – because you are faced with decisions to take.”

Being in the background might not have been such a bad idea, for starters Thabo Mbeki would have stuck around for a while longer, so would Trevor Manuel, Mathews Phosa, Kgalema Motlanthe and a host of seasoned and credible ANC leaders.

The party might have attracted young intellectuals the way it used to, might have helped grow a generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs instead of tenderpreneurs and, well… you get the point.

According to him, the role of president is particularly challenging – because he can’t read, just kidding – because he has a better understanding than most of the larger forces at play and how they actively work against the ruling party.

 “If you have this knowledge, it becomes even more difficult because you can take decisions that you cannot explain to anyone – because if you explain – it could impact very negatively the organisation itself,” el president said, before losing his sh*t and lashing out against Western Nations.

Later this year the ANC will elect a new party president and in 2019 Zuma will, after 10 years at the helm, step down as state president. He won’t get to take the podium as often as he does now and people will judge him by his legacy, not his words… wonder what they’ll see.