Fredie Blom world's oldest man

Minister Fritz meets the “world’s oldest man”, Fredie Blom

“World’s oldest man” celebrates 114th birthday in Western Cape

The oldest person in the world is celebrating a very significant birthday in Delft.

Fredie Blom world's oldest man

Minister Fritz meets the “world’s oldest man”, Fredie Blom

With his glorious moustache and a smile that could illuminate the whole Atlantic Seaboard, Fredie Blom is a most likeable character indeed. Looking like a guy half his age, you wouldn’t guess that he’s known as the world’s oldest man.

Born in 1904, Freddie has been around longer than the entire history of aviation. He’s lived through two world wars and was aged 44 when apartheid came into effect.

Who is the world’s oldest man?

World's oldest man Fredie Blom
Never too old for cake, are you? (Western Cape government)

Now, at the grand old age of 114, he’s a record breaker. Although yet to be recognized by the Guinness World Records organization, Mr Blom is believed to be the oldest man alive.

The Western Cape Social Development Minister, Albert Fritz, paid a courtesy visit to centenarian and Delft resident Blom, who celebrated his history-making birthday on Tuesday.

In a statement issued after the festivities, Fritz reiterated his department’s commitment to looking after the elderly. He told the media that “frail, older persons” are a priority in their efforts to provide care to the Cape’s residents.

“As a Department we continue to provide services to older persons. Key to our efforts is the ongoing registration drive for residential care facilities, especially for frail older persons. There are 119 state-funded registered residential facilities and 72 private registered facilities in the Western Cape.”

“As government, we wish Mr. Blom and his family well. We continue to encourage greater family and community participation in the daily lives of elderly residents, including keeping them in communities.”

Fredie Blom, happily married

Blom was very much in the mood for a party and had his wife of 48 years alongside him the whole time. Aunti Netta, aged 85, even recalled what a great dancer our Fredie was back in his heyday.

Here’s to you, Fredie. With great age comes great wisdom, of course. But you can be excused on a day like today. Help yourself to one-too-many slices of cake, or even try and have a little birthday boogie. Go on, you’ve earned it!