Period, menstrual pads

South African ladies on social media were happy to find out that there was a new sanitary product in the market. Image via Getty Images

‘Amazing!’: Woolworths wows ladies with new period bikini

Out with the old and in with the new. There is a new product in the sanitary market. Period panties are said to have more added layers of protection for better absorption.

Period, menstrual pads

South African ladies on social media were happy to find out that there was a new sanitary product in the market. Image via Getty Images

From slipping pads to uncomfortable and irritating ones, and all the way to those leaking sanitary towels, females across the world have been going through all sorts of difficulties during their menstrual cycles.

On top of feeling not so much like yourself, and maybe even experiencing excruciating period pains during your menstrual cycle, worrying about whether or not your pad will leak during the day or at night is the last thing any lady wants to think about during that time of the month.


Woolworths has come up with a backup plan to resolve such problems. The store announced a new product for teens and tween. Period panties are said to be expertly created to provide four times extra protection to absorb as much as a single tampon.

Period panties are a such a great product to have for the ladies that prefer not use tampons or simply just want added protection during the night or the day.

The new product will definitely make a difference for teens who enjoy participating in extra mural sport activities and even ladies who experience heavy menstrual flows.

The Woolworths Cotton Rich Period Bikini retails for R379.00. The period undies are made from a breathable soft cotton. They are said to be made stretchy which will definitely give that extra added comfort during one’s menstrual window. The panties are pocket savvy as they are washable and said to be reusable.

sanitary pads
Woolworths created a new and improved sanitary towel. Image via Getty Images

Females on social media were pleased to see that there was a new product to assist young ladies during their menstrual flow. Some women were even envious when they found out that the Woolworths Cotton Rich Period Bikinis was specially created for teens and tweens. Nonetheless, they celebrated the progression in the sanitary market and were happy to know that the younger generation would experience a more comfortable time during their menstrual cycles.


@ntshepang commented:

“Woow! This is amazing. I’m sure adults will need some too ❤️.”

@nalediphenyo11 said:

“I bought them for my daughter they are perfect 👌 no complain. Am happy customer.”

@3ma786 reacted:

“Woman need this too!!!”

@renejacobs8 asked:

“So you walk with that soiled panty on the entire day? Atleast a tampon or pad can be removed and replaced with a fresh one. Or am I misunderstanding this whole period panty thing🤭”

@saai_vallee replied:

“This isn’t to replace pads or tampons it’s to prevent accidents.”

@jay_lwandle said:

“Wow! Can’t wait to see them. I’m preparing for my daughters first time.”

@zamadarkpear commented:

“Very expensive for something that we don’t have a choice on😢, every girl/woman deserves to have a choice in which products works for them. Please rethink the price.”

@tasha_oldham83 wrote:

“👏 Well done. Saves a lot of embarrassing moments for the girls and just gives them extra comfort. I think this is a wonderful thing to have!”

@thescruffycoconut said:

“Love this…as a mum, this brings so much relief no more oopsies.

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