Woman ruffles feathers for eat

Image: Canva

Woman ruffles feathers for eating Chicken Licken in McDonald’s [watch]

Social media users are scratching their heads after a McDonald’s employee confronted a customer for eating Chicken Licken at their restaurant.

Woman ruffles feathers for eat

Image: Canva

A video of a McDonald’s employee approaching and telling a customer that they cannot eat Chicken Licken on its premises has gone viral on social media. Mzansi is now asking the question of whether it was the right move or not.

Restaurant policies and rules

The video, which has clocked in more than 100 000 views after it was shared by Twitter user @kulanicool, sees an employee walking to the customer and telling her that Chicken Licken is not to be eaten at McDonald’s.

According to IOL, the customer then asks where she should eat her meal because she is with someone who bought a McDonald’s meal, but the employee stresses that “this is not allowed at McDonald’s”.

The customer then asks for a policy that states that what she is doing is unacceptable to which the employee responds by saying, “it is available”.

Later, a second employee can be heard saying that the customer cannot “eat food from the outside”.


Tweeps react

Many Twitter users agreed that there is such a policy, and that one should not eat from one restaurant while dining at another.

“It’s policy though and it’s public knowledge that you don’t bring food from outside, people just want to disrespect others at work. Hamba nechommie yakho niyodlela epakini ke tsek!” said one social media user in the comments section.

Others believe the “customer” is wrongly promoting another restaurant.

“The customer is always right but unfortunately she’s not a customer so she’s wrong! She’s promoting chicken licken at MacD.”

 “Uyabheda losisi, she must go eat in her car! So she patronises chicken licken, yet McD’s staff must clean after her. Does she not understand the “right of admission” policy?? Sometimes people just like to be pseudo revolutionaries.”

“Some Chicken Licken stores I went to they even have boards written that you only consume what you bought there. She’s wrong and rude at the same time,” said another.