This woman loves eating field mice. Image via Facebook @macleansandraphiri.

This woman loves eating field mice. Image via Facebook @macleansandraphiri.

Woman’s love for eating charred field mice leaves locals cringing

If you aren’t willing to give mopane worms a try maybe field mice are your thing. This woman absolutely loves eating the little pests.

This woman loves eating field mice. Image via Facebook @macleansandraphiri.

This woman loves eating field mice. Image via Facebook @macleansandraphiri.

A woman has gone absolutely viral on Facebook after revealing her bizarre meal choice. According to the young lady’s post, she just loves munching down on charred mice and rats and nothing anyone says will deter her from eating the strange “food”. In fact, she enjoys eating it so much that she shared photos of herself eating it and left many social media users feeling all sorts of queazy.

Bizarrely enough, there were other people in the comment section of the post who admitted to also enjoying the meal despite the hundreds of other comments from people expressing their disgust.

This woman loves biting down on a freshly charred mouse

The other day, many people simultaneously agreed that they would not be giving mopane worms a try. One can’t help but wonder if those people would try the African delicacy if they were forced to choose between the squishy worms or charred mice.

And no, you did not read that wrong.

There are some people in society who actually love feasting on the small pest that leaves tiny droppings everywhere they go and seem to love biting holes into your favourite food packages.

Taking to Facebook, one young lady, Sandra Phiri, shared how she absolutely loves feasting on mice and even shared photos of herself biting down on one.

“I enjoy these things,” she captioned the post.

Mzansi is disgusted… to say the least

The post received over 3000 reactions and hundreds of comments from people who just can’t believe their eyes. Many of them shared that they wouldn’t try the mice meal even if they were paid.

Here are some of their comments:

Mahone Mazibuko said:

“The way I used to hate them, them pa pregnancy ate them and they were so delicious, never say that I can’t eat such”

Thabang Maseko said:

“The ones in Alexandra are the size of a puppy, I’m sure you would enjoy them”

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