menstrual cycle

Alicia drinks her blood and uses it as face masks. Images via TikTok: @jasminealiciacarter

Woman drinks her own menstrual blood because it has ‘healing powers’

‘Menstrual blood is pure medicine,’ says 30-year-old Alicia who drinks her blood, paints with it and uses it for facials!

menstrual cycle

Alicia drinks her blood and uses it as face masks. Images via TikTok: @jasminealiciacarter

When it comes to the internet, one hears and sees all kinds of bizarre things. One of those things is a woman who drinks her own menstrual blood – and no we did not make that up. The mom of one revealed that drinking her period blood has secret “healing properties.”

She also does all other kinds of things with the blood such as using it as a face mask and painting with it.

Mom of one drinks menstrual blood!

30-year-old Jasmine Alicia Carter just left thousands of people absolutely mortified after revealing that she drinks her own menstrual blood. The young mother says that she drinks the monthly blood show because it has healing powers that have changed her life.

According to Alicia who lives in Barcelona, using the blood to paint and as face masks have greatly improved her mental and physical health.

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Daily Mail reports that Alicia is a Sacred Woman’s Empowerment Mentor who helps other women “understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle.”

“Understanding and reclaiming my period has given me a whole new appreciation for myself and for women,’ she said according to the publication.

She then explains how the blood contains a bunch of nutrients that are pure medicine that women should be celebrated for instead of being made to feel ashamed about by companies that try to disguise its rich scent.

Rich in protein

“It’s rich with protein, iron, copper, selenium which many women are so depleted of. It contains regenerative stem cells and it has antimicrobial as well as detoxifying properties.”

“Your menstrual blood is pure medicine. If you can collect your period blood, there are so many things you can do with it and ways it can benefit your health and wellbeing.”

She then explains that she collects the blood by squatting over the toilet and letting it fall into a cup which she immediately sips from. She also says that not everyone should drink their period blood, especially if they aren’t healthy.

Alicia says that people should not expect to eat junk food and have healthy blood to drink.

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