Wish Seether frontman Shaun Mo

Wish Seether frontman Shaun Morgan a happy birthday!

Seether is an internationally known grunge-rock band, and today is their frontman’s birthday – happy birthday Shaun!

Wish Seether frontman Shaun Mo

Seether is an internationally famous grunge-rock band, with their beginning roots planted in South Africa when the band was founded in 1999. Since then, the band has released multiple award-winning albums – and been played at many, many parties and nightclubs.

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Today is the perfect day to wish the band’s frontman Shaun Morgan a happy birthday, with one more candle getting added to the cake.

Here’s more about the band, and how one of the most famous world rock bands had their beginnings in South Africa.

Wish Seether frontman Shaun Morgan a happy birthday!

Today is the perfect day to wish Seether frontman Shaun Morgan a happy birthday: 21 December marks one more year of great music – whether you prefer crunchy chords, or great guitar solos.

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Did you know that he comes from Bloemfontein, and that he was a high-school rugby player during some of his time in South Africa?

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It’s a good time to say thanks for the music, Shaun – and a happy birthday from many local (and international_ music fans!

About Seether

Seether is a grunge-rock band that was formed in 1999, first named after the controversial Saron Gas – a reference that was changed as the band moved into their music style.

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The band’s first album was Disclaimer, released in 2002.

As for Shaun, he was born on 21 December, 1978 – in Bloemfontein, where one would expect many international rock musicians to come from.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum is their latest album, released in 2020, taking the band to darker music roots..

Connect with the band

Send Shaun your birthday message and connect with the rest of the band.

Seether is available on Facebook at this link, or at their official website.