winter lips beauty Image via Canva

Image via Canva

Pout perfect: Don’t let dry, flaky lips dull the smile on your dial

Hydrate, exfoliate and moisturise with this simple at-home lip-care routine, and try this easy sugar scrub too.

winter lips beauty Image via Canva

Image via Canva

Just like finding the perfect skin-care routine, a lip-care routine is important.

Also, the change into the cold weather requires you take extra care of your pout. Lips generally tend to become more dry, chapped and discoloured during winter.

Here’s a lip-care routine you can use to make sure you can mark your lips safe from the winter blues.


The first step to your lip care routine actually works internally – water! Staying hydrated, preferably by drinking water instead of coffee, tea or cool drinks, can avoid dry and chapped lips.


lip sugar scrub Image via Canva
Image via Canva

The best way to remove dry skin and chapped lips is to exfoliate gently.

Sugar is one of the best bases for your lip scrub because it is a natural exfoliant, the texture of the granules gets rid of dry skin.

You can use sugar and honey, or sugar and an oil base, to make this scrub. Brown sugar is ideal but white sugar also does the trick.

  • Sugar and honey lip scrub: Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar to form a paste.
  • Sugar and oil based lip scrub: Mix one teaspoon of oil (coconut oil is one of the best options) with two teaspoons of sugar to form a paste.

Apply lip scrub to your lips and leave for a minute. Using circular motions, rub in your lip scrub until you feel the dry skin slipping off. Use a towel or face cloth moistened with warm water to remove traces of the scrub.

You can use your lip scrub every two or three days during winter.

Lip mask

An overnight natural lip mask is effective in reducing flakiness. It also helps to give your lips a more hydrated, refreshed look and a softer feel.

You can make a natural lip mask with two ingredients: Honey and lemon juice. Honey moisturises your lips and lemon juice helps in lightening your lips. You can use a lip mask weekly but it is safe to use more often.

Lip primer

Just like a primer is used on your face before foundation and concealer, a lip primer prepares your lips for lipstick.

A lip primer is especially important to provide a layer protective layer on your lips before applying lipstick or lip glosses.

Ideally you should avoid matte lipsticks that dry your lips. In winter you might go for a liquid matte lipstick, which is easier on your skin.


An oil-based lip balm is the best moisturiser in winter because the texture of oil lasts longer than other liquid bases. It keeps your lips moisturised for longer.

Quick tips for winter lip care

  • Avoid licking or touching your lips.
  • Always keep a lip balm on hand and use it often.
  • Avoid lipsticks or lip glosses that dry out your lips. They can lead to your lips bleeding.
  • Keep the area around your lips moisturised to avoid sores or dry spots.