Why your company should invest

Why your company should invest in Barry Hilton’s Talk Funny workshop

Humour in business is key and Barry Hilton is offering workshops to help companies excel.

Why your company should invest

It’s all about getting down to the serious business of being funny, with Barry Hilton.

Bringing humour to your business

When it comes to communication in business, Barry Hilton believes that humour can be the game changer. Whilst there are books that help with the intricate world of body language and the importance of communication, there is nothing quite as enjoyable or enticing as well-timed humour in business – we buy from people we like, and humour is the easiest and fastest way to get there.

How can Barry Hilton help?

With a career in stand-up comedy spanning three decades and a CV that boasts top spots on local and international line-ups (apart from the sold-out one-man shows, of course), nobody is more qualified on the subject of laughter than Barry Hilton.

In his Talk Funny workshops, Barry gives companies and individuals the tools to use the basic elements of one of the most basic human emotions and use it in their everyday business.

Barry welcomes companies to book a private workshop anywhere in the country and host it at their offices on a mutually convenient date.

He doesn’t proclaim to turn anyone into a successful comedian, but rather helps to understand the basics that go into being funny on a serious level. It’s all about using a light-hearted approach that ensures effective communication and creates a conducive, friendly environment.

About the workshops

With years and years of experience behind him, Barry shares the hidden intricacies that go into crafting a joke around the information at hand. These are no trade secrets that will put comedians out of work, but rather a spotlight on the mechanisms behind the reasons we laugh.

One recent participant summed it up perfectly:

“The workshop was an amazing experience. This is a life skill that everyone needs to learn and uncover. The methodology is something everyone can use and apply to life.” – Andrew Ford

An ADDITIONAL Talk Funny workshop has been added in Johannesburg on 20 June after the one on 19 June SOLD OUT.  

Space is limited as Barry keeps the workshops small and intimate in order to give each delegate individual attention.  Book now at www.barryhilton.co.za/talkfunny