Bianca SCHOOMBEE Miss SA 2 Tweets

Photo: Twitter

Bianca Schoombee: Miss SA hopeful apologises for ‘racially insensitive’ Tweets

The past Tweets and behaviours of Bianca Schoombee have been forensically analysed online, and the Miss SA 2020 applicant was shown no mercy.

Bianca SCHOOMBEE Miss SA 2 Tweets

Photo: Twitter

An applicant for the Miss SA 2020 competition has learned the hard way that your past can come back to haunt you. Bianca Schoombee has been made to apologise on Wednesday morning, after offensive Tweets posted to her account were dragged up overnight. The ‘cancel culture’ storm has been devastating.

Bianca Schoombee Twitter posts – what has caused offence?

The content was largely made up of distasteful jokes, but then strayed into more dubious territory. A number of Tweets were ‘racially insensitive’, with one offending post making fun of a young boy’s skin colour.

One person, claiming to have known Bianca Schoombee, alleges she previously used the K-word in school:

Miss SA applicant accused of ‘racist’ Tweets

Crestfallen from the reaction, Bianca Schoombee posted an apology to her page earlier. The potential Miss SA contestant explained that she shared the sentiments when she was only 14, and admits to dealing with elements of her past through prayer. The 20-year-old was keen to stress she no longer holds these views:

“In light of recent events – the discovery of my Tweets from six years ago when I was 14 – I would like to profusely apologise for putting this out into the universe. However, I’d like to make you all aware I have grown as a person, and this is no longer what I stand for. I have dealt with my past through praying.”

“It’s important to forgive yourself and I hope South Africans can forgive me for these immature posts. I really do hope that you continue to support me and give me a second chance. I love you all, God Bless.”

Bianca Schoombee

How to apply for Miss SA 2020

Current titleholder, Zozibini Tunzi who later went on to take the Miss Universe title, handed over her domestic crown to a new recipient in January. Sasha-Lee Olivier came in as a replacement Miss SA, as Tunzi isn’t allowed to hold both titles. Those who want to apply for the 2020 competition can learn more about it here. But, as Bianca Schoombee’s case shows us, it’s probably worth clearing the skeletons from your closet first.

The platform promotes women empowerment and has been in existence for over sixty years. The beauty pageant has launched the careers of many South African socialites and has had three past titleholders win Miss Universe; Zozibini Tunzi (2019), Demi-Leigh Nel Peters (2017) and Margeret Gardener (1978).