Steyn City Beach Johannesburg

Photo: Supplied / Steyn City

Steyn City: Multi-billion rand project will put a beach in Johannesburg [photos]

The second-stage of development in Steyn City is underway. The newly-built metropolis will officially “put a beach in Johannesburg” with its new lagoon.

Steyn City Beach Johannesburg

Photo: Supplied / Steyn City

This is what we want to see from our billionaires: No run-of-the-mill investments, no hoarding of personal wealth, but rather, spending their fortunes on exciting projects like this. The moguls behind Steyn City – nestled in the north of Gauteng – are entering the next phase of their development. And yes, they will be bringing a beach to Johannesburg.

The pools around the lagoon will also form part of the “beach in Johannesburg” culture

The ambitious plans were revealed earlier this week. Douw Steyn is an insurance tycoon, whose businesses have thrived in both South Africa and the UK. Construction on his legacy project “Steyn City” started in earnest four years ago. Luxury apartments, lush playing fields and state-of-the-art facilities are already up and running at the sprawling complex.

It’s rural location is also perfect for “country bumpkins”

Where is Steyn City, and the “Johannesburg beach”?

Steyn City is located between Lanseria and Fourways. It has the potential to become a millionaire’s playground, and it is this exclusive status that has irked some South Africans. However, Giuseppe Plumari is the CEO of Steyn City Properties – and he’s explained how the multi-billion rand expansion will benefit the neighbouring poor citizens in Diepsloot, stating that “more than 1 800 jobs” have been created in the mini-metropolis.

“Our location alongside Diepsloot is not accidental. To the contrary, it was carefully planned. Significantly, our proximity to the community means that people who work do not have high transport expenses. Instead, they can save their salaries for essentials like school uniforms and stationery.”

“With infrastructure developments making the area more accessible, we believe that the New North is poised to become Johannesburg’s next CBD – particularly since Fourways is part of the next phase of the Gautrain expansion, and Lanseria is undergoing major upgrades.”

Giuseppe Plumari
Steyn City has already established itself as a water lover’s paradise

Features of Steyn City

So, if you’ve got enough loose change behind the sofa, what do you get when you move to Steyn City?

  • 700 luxury apartments and 11 penthouse suites to choose from, all fitted with integrated Gaggenau appliances.
  • It boasts its own heliport.
  • Cycling and hiking trails.
  • A 45km-long promenade.
  • Outstanding security features.
Steyn City Beach Johannesburg
  • The “world-class” education facility, Steyn City School.
  • Office space at Capital Park, a 14-hectare commercial centre with three-and-four-story buildings
  • Rows of restaurants and boutiques alongside the city’s green parks, and a number of rooftop pools.
  • Indoor aquatics centre.
  • And yes, a clear water lagoon which will be “the only beach in Johannesburg”.
Steyn City Beach Johannesburg

A beach in Johannesburg? Tell us more…

The Steyn City Clearwater Lagoon is a 300-metre long facility that’s entirely chemical free. Much like the Blyde Lagoon in Pretoria, these waters provide a beach setting in the middle of a land-locked city. According to SA Property Insider, there are countless activities for visitors to “the only beach in Johannesburg”.

“The lagoon’s incredible features are as good as any of South Africa’s seaside destinations, including a kiddies’ water park, beach areas, volleyball courts, change facilities and a kiosk where you can grab refreshments and rent necessities like umbrellas or sports equipment.”

SA Property Insider

The beach is the jewel in the crown of Douw Steyn’s “Vision 2020” plan. The group are ploughing another R5.5 billion into their manufactured city from next year, in a bid to get more South Africans to set up shop in the vibrant location. Phase 1 is set for its official launch in the next 12 months.

Steyn City Beach Johannesburg
Photo: Supplied / Steyn City

Who is Douw Steyn?

Steyn is now 66 years old. He grew up in Johannesburg and went to the university in Potchefstroom. The businessman launched Auto & General Insurance in 1985, and replicated the model in the UK with Budget Insurance.

The billionaire’s personal home, Palazzo Steyn, is valued at R250 million. Naturally, it is located in the center of Steyn City. It even beats Zuma’s Nkandla, but at least it wasn’t paid with taxpayers money. The 3 000 square meter mansion is one of South Africa’s most expensive and sits on two and a half hectares of land.

Douw Steyn’s massive mansion in Steyn City (YouTube Screenshot)
  • All photos were taken from Steyn City’s social media channels, unless stated otherwise