Kalk Bay Melville Cape Town Johannesburg coolest streets

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – SEPTEMBER 16: an Aerial view of Kalk Bay, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images / Andrew Pittaway)

TWO streets in Cape Town, Joburg named ‘coolest in the world’ – here’s why! [pics]

Residents of either Cape Town or Johannesburg have, more than likely, visited one of the two ‘coolest streets in the world’ – here are the details.

Kalk Bay Melville Cape Town Johannesburg coolest streets

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – SEPTEMBER 16: an Aerial view of Kalk Bay, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images / Andrew Pittaway)

Some of the most exclusive spots in Berlin, Paris, and Dubai have been outranked by two ‘hoods in South Africa – with Cape Town and Johannesburg each staking a claim for the ‘coolest streets in the world’. Both Main Road in Kalk Bay and 7th Street in Melville have made the cut, after Time Out named its top 30 on Wednesday.

Melville, Kalk Bay home to ‘coolest streets’ – here’s why

Kalk Bay Melville Cape Town Johannesburg Coolest streets
Kalk Bay is a hidden gem on Cape Town’s coastline – Photo: Flickr

It’s just typical that both Cape Town AND Johannesburg would have to be featured in the list. Famously, you can’t have one without the other. However, it’ll be the Joburgers claiming the moral victory here.

In the recently published rankings, 7th Street sits in 12th position, ten places higher than Main Road in 22nd. And when we say our cities are rubbing shoulders with the best, we mean it…

Melville Johannesburg Coolest neighbourhood
Poppy’s is one of Melville’s coolest hang-out spots – Photo: Mike Hedgethorne / Flickr

Where are the coolest streets in the world?

  1. Smith Street, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona, Spain
  3. South Bank, London, UK
  4. San Isidro, Havana, Cuba
  5. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA
  6. Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  7. Rua Tres Rios, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  8. Haji Lane, Singapore City, Singapore
  9. Rua Rodrigues de Faria, Lisbon
  10. Calle Thames, Buenos Aires, Argentina

7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

#12 on the list

Photo: Lerato Mbele

The residents of Melville must be getting rather swollen heads at this point. It was only last Spring when they were named as one of the outright ‘coolest neighbourhoods’ on Earth. Therefore, it’s only logical that their vibiest street made this list. Clinking cocktails, fantastic food, and an awesome atmosphere make 7th Street an absolute worldbeater.

  • The Xai Xai Shebeen was singled out for its ‘exquisite’ range of seafood.
  • For the night-owls, Liquid Blue cocktail bar was identified as the perfect place to ‘flaunt your moves’
  • And, just to cover the cultural side, Time Out gave a special mention to street artists and their ‘eye-popping designs’.
  • However, the jol is king in this part of Johannesburg – as the editorial staff were keen to point out:

“There’s always a discernible buzz in Melville And that’s probably because pretty much the entire street is filled with restaurants, pubs and clubs – making it the ideal place for a night on the town. But with this being fun-loving Johannesburg, you’ll find this place is equally busy at breakfast, lunch and basically every other time of day too.”

Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

#22 on the list

Kalk Bay Melville Cape Town Johannesburg Coolest streets
Photo: Flickr

Thankfully, those who compiled this list managed to avoid the perpetual roadworks down by this part of the Cape. Kalk Bay is an endearing, charming, and romantically humble venue at the best of times – and the hive of activity on Main Road typifies the energy of this hidden little gem. Come for the cute stores, stay for the welcoming ‘watering holes’…

  • – The Brass Bell is marked as a must-visit location, and ANY restaurant with its own tidal pool is cool in the extreme.
  • – Locals will love this. Time Out has chosen Kalky’s Fish and Chips as one of their favourite spots. Lekker!
  • – The trio of food and drink recommendations is rounded off by Olympia Cafe – it’s coffee, cake, and Kalk Bay in a nutshell.
  • – However, special praise was also heaped on the dreamy scenery that envelops this cosy little street…

“Main Road in Kalk Bay is just magical. Head past all the historic sea-facing homes, just beyond the train station, and you’ll find the dream spot for an afternoon mooch. On a warm day, it’s habitual to start with a swim at Dalebrook tidal pool, where locals and visitors lay out towels on rocks – and a picnic overlooking the water is just as good.”