Alcohol laws

Where are the cheapest and most expensive places to buy beer in SA?

We are blessed with our booze prices. Some more than others…

Alcohol laws

Always a pleasure to research, we looked at the recent figures published by StatsSA regarding alcohol consumption in South African homes.

They have ranked the nine provinces in terms of prices, amount of ale that gets downed, and what type of drinks each province prefers. It’s fair to say South African Breweries are working overtime all over the land…


Free State, take a bow:

Bottle-by-bottle figures show that FS is the cheapest place to buy beer in the country, averaging just R10.00 per 330ml bottle. The second cheapest on the list is the Eastern Cape, where a beer averages out at R11:48

Western Cape… you’ve got a lot of growing up to do:

At R13.77 per 330ml, WC will break both your heart and your bank balance. It’s the most expensive place to buy a beer, and comes in at 37% more expensive than an ale would cost in Free State.

The Cape is in a league of its own, as the second highest beer province is Mpumalanga at R12.04 a bottle. How did everyone else get on?

Beer Prices in South Africa

(Cheapest first, price per 330ml bottle of beer. No result for Northern Cape)

1) Free State, R10.00

2) Eastern Cape, R11.48

3) North West, R11.57

4) Limpopo, R11.63

5) KwaZulu-Natal, R11.70

6) Gauteng Province, R12.01

7) Mpumalanga, R12.04

8) Western Cape, R13.77

  • Average South African price, R11.86

Where is the most expensive beer?

StatsSA’s must-see research has been dropping jaws throughout the week. As we reported last Friday, South Africans are spending more on ale than they are on vegetables: A heroic, if not life-threatening effort.

What alcohol do South Africans drink?

Mpumalanga is full of beer monsters, we can tell you that: 72% of all alcohol consumed in the region is beer. Wines and spirits barely get a sniff.

You really can’t stop Cape Town from Cape Towning, either. Once again, it goes against that grain: The consumption of spirits and wines massively outweighs that of its beer drinkers. Eastern Cape matches this trend too: It must be those Antarctic winds.

Alcohol consumption by province:

  • Mpumalunga:

72% beer
14% wine
14% spirits

  • Northern Cape:

66% beer
26% wine
8% spirits

  • North West:

64% beer
25% wine
11% spirits

  • Limpopo:

62% beer
9% wine
29% spirits

  • Free State:

61% beer
22% wine
17% spirits

  • KwaZulu-Natal

58% beer
23% wine
19% spirits

  • Gauteng Province:

56% beer
27% wine
17% spirits

  • Eastern Cape:

38% beer
26% wine
36% spirits

  • Western Cape:

36% beer
33% wine
29% spirits

If you’re in Free State, you should already be cracking the cold ones. You can’t afford not to. People of Mpumalanga, may the beers find you well.

Capetonians… Sort it out, please. Great wine is only a temporary substitute for a nice, affordable ale.