Prince Kaybee Cassper Nyovest 123

Photo: Twitter

Gloves are off: Cassper Nyovest, Prince Kaybee set for boxing showdown

Get ready to rumble! Prince Kaybee has been called out by Cassper Nyovest – and the pair are ready to hammer out their differences in the boxing ring.

Prince Kaybee Cassper Nyovest 123

Photo: Twitter

Two of the biggest musicians in South Africa are set to drop their microphones and pick up a pair of boxing gloves, as Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee prepare to take their online duels into the ring. The duo have got beef that goes WAY back, and through the medium of Twitter, both have agreed to settle the bad blood in dramatic, sporting fashion.

Cassper Nyovest vs Prince Kaybee loading?

As it stands, we are in the early stages of this fight becoming a reality. However, what we do have is two VERY willing participants – and that’s always a good place to start. Nyovest was fishing for opponents last night, stating that the lure of ‘celebrity boxing’ is something that genuinely appeals to him. Sure enough, he moved to call-out Kaybee…

Prince Kaybee ‘ready to rumble’

After floating the idea online, Cassper Nyovest received an… enthusiastic… response from Prince Kaybee, who was champing at the bit to have a scrap with the senior artist. The trash talk has started already, and it’s glorious…

“I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO F*** YOU UP, like kgale keo kgalla hlem. Thank God! FINALLY that [motherf***er wants to fight, I’m so happy dawg. I don’t even want money, in fact I’m gonna donate all that stash. All I want is that short MF. I hope and pray to GOD this is not another PR STUNT, so help me God. Enough talking, see you in the ring…”

Prince Kaybee

Cassper Nyovest gets into fighting talk

Of course, the last word had to be left to Cassper. He let his future opponent know the verbose response had been seen – and confirmed that negotiations to finalise a time and a place would come soon. Indeed, both seem ready to rumble: