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WhatsApp update: How to avoid the new bug that eats up your data

If you’re on WhatsApp, you’ll need to have a look at this.

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This latest WhatsApp update isn’t one that’s going to make anybody happy: A bug has developed on the app which is costing users their data allowances.

Softonic have reported a raft of complaints from people on the popular messaging service, who have been using WhatsApp and then seeing their data run out in double-quick time.

What is the WhatsApp data bug?

The problem has been traced to the backup features of the application. All messages and items of multimedia are automatically stored to the iCloud or your Google Drive on a 24-hour cycle.

However, this bug upsets the upload process repeatedly, causing the action to restart over and over again. Whilst your phone is processing the never-ending upload process, it eats away at your stored data. Some users say they’ve lost 5GB because of this technological flaw.

Much like a virus, there are variations of this bug as well. Sometimes, it will back up your entire chat history, rather than just the last 24 hours. It’s not as fearsome as the infinite loop version, but if you’re in big groups and communicate through memes, it’s still going to erode your internet access.

WhatsApp update: How to stop data from running out

You can defend yourself against this threat, however. You need to ensure that WhatsApp only backs your files up over WiFi – that way, getting the bug is nowhere near as calamitous.

Enter the application, then head into Settings and click on Chats. Hit the
Chat Backup option and follow the instructions. If you see a Backup Over tab, click on that and select WiFi Only.

But you may also come to a screen that tells you to sign in to your iCloud to back up your history. If you see this option, it means that you don’t have a backup system in place and the bug doesn’t affect you.

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