What to use for No-Nails DIY projects. Image credit: AdobeStock

What to use for No-Nails DIY projects

(Partner Content) Working with your hands allows you deep focus, the opportunity to work outside or in your workshop and you can display your products with pride. Making something that has a practical purpose saves money too!


What to use for No-Nails DIY projects. Image credit: AdobeStock

Creating useful and practical DIY items using wood, plywood, ceramic, board, stone, paper and leather is a great way to pass the time and adds to the beauty and functionality of your home.

Having said this, many people feel intimidated with the sheer number of tools needed for woodwork projects and are not sure how to use them properly. The mess and fuss of drilling and hammering, has put off many a budding woodworker! The good news is that the new generation of No-More-Nails adhesives makes it much easier to be a handyman. From simple kitchen appliance repairs to more complicated shelving, tiling and repairs to equipment in the boatyard and garage, no-nails glues will change your outlook on DIY!

No-Nails products include:

  • Click and Fix
  • No-More-Nails adhesives
  • Epoxy glue
  • All purpose glue

Click and Fix – for indoor and outdoor use in a hurry

The new No-More-Nails “Click and Fix” adhesives showcase Pattex Flextec technology and can be used indoors and outdoors when you want to solve a problem fast. Simply press down on the applicator and apply the glue where you need it. Each applicator contains up to 20 applications of glue making this a handy little ‘magic wand’ that you can use on just about any surface. You can use click and fix on glass, plastics, painted areas, plywood, mirror and most other surfaces.

No-More-Nails – for strong and durable mounting

Pattex “No-More-Nails” adhesives are ideal for projects where you would usually use a drill and nails. There are interior and exterior adhesives, high tack options and the original Pattex No-More-Nails for instant tack. There are also tape and No-More-Nails Invisible which dries without a trace. No-More-Nails glues are robust and flexible and dry fast. They can be used on almost any material including wood, plastics, plaster, stone, glass, cement, ceramics and mirror and are heat and UV resistant.

Epoxy Glues – for durable bonds and repairs.

Epoxies are made up of a syringe that contains two different adhesive components which are mixed just before application. Epoxies are excellent for repairing fibreglass, woodworking and carpentry and can be used to reinforce bolts or to fill wood and metal to do repair work. Epoxies are water proof, heat resistant and create very long-lasting bonds.

All purpose 100% glue and gel

Quick and easy to use, all purpose glue and gel is everybody’s simple go-to when it comes to tiling, making small repairs, arts and crafts and those ever-present school projects. Make sure you always keep a tube handy. It can be used indoors and out and on small to large surfaces. It’s ideal for tiles, plaster, concrete, vehicles, hose pipes and shoes. A home should never be without it!

The full range of pattex glue and no-more-nails products makes it easy to put together simple woodwork projects in a day or weekend.

Here are some excellent ideas for DIY projects you can make for your home, all using scrap wood remnants.

This stunning little greenhouse terrariumwas created using a glue gun! If you’re feeling inspired to tackle your first no-more-nails DIY project here are some great ideas and DIY tips for up-cycling old furniture.

DIY projects can give you a sense of accomplishment, pride and the knowledge that you can make a quality project in a just a few hours but many people are intimidated by the idea of drilling, hammering, nails, mess and fuss. No-More-Nails products are a great way to dispense with the difficulty of mechanical fixings and you can create wonderful items for your home without using a drill or hammer! From Click and Fix, to No-More-Nails and epoxy glues, you can soon become a master or constructing easy to build and pleasant to use DIY furniture, shelves and decorative items in and around your home.