Genital Jousting

(Free Lives Games)

Genital Jousting: Rude South African video game takes the world by storm

What a time to be alive.

Genital Jousting

(Free Lives Games)

Does it get any more ridiculous than this? Genital Jousting has made a “unique” impact on the gaming world, and its all thanks to a small Cape Town company.

Operating from a house in Constantia, Free Lives are the production team behind the phallic phenomenon. Business Insider report that they’ve sold 338 000 copies of their game to rake in a cool R20 million during 2018.

Dare we ask, what is Genital Jousting?

It’s a game based on the life of John: An actual penis in a world made up entirely of penises trying to navigate daily life. In the game’s story mode, you control John in his home, workplace and even on the endless conquest to find love.

But, as we all know, dating can be tough when you’re a dick. The objective of the game isn’t necessarily reaching an endpoint, though. Think of The Sims, except creative control has been handed over to the dirtiest of all dirty minds.

There’s also an incredibly graphic “jousting” mode – as you’d expect – where you can probably imagine what goes on without us having to elaborate any further.

Why would anyone make this game?

It’s a question so frequently asked, Free Lives even dedicated a section to their website to address this burning issue. Genital Jousting may be juvenile in its humour, but the creators have some very grown-up beliefs in what they’re trying to achieve:

“Genital Jousting is largely about disarming masculinity. In a patriarchal society, penises are associated with power. They are considered the dominant sexual organ. But in Genital Jousting, they are often the butt of the joke. We want to present the phallus as something silly, abject, and non-threatening.”

“Genital Jousting is also meant to be a loving homage to the penis. We also like to think of dicks as lovable and laughable.”

Well, there we have it. It’s officially the first game that wants to tear down the patriarchy while having a bloody good laugh at flaccid members.

The game is available to download via Steam and can be played on PC or laptop devices. However, Xbox and PlayStation users aren’t yet able to buy the game for their console platforms.

Watch the trailer and gameplay for Genital Jousting here: