band rings

Band rings – shapes & styles: Image: Supplied

Band rings – shapes & styles

You can have two delicate bands worn on either side of your engagement ring too? This is what we meant by the ultimate in versatility.

band rings

Band rings – shapes & styles: Image: Supplied

Band rings are nothing new so what’s all the buzz about then? If there is one word to define the niche, it would be versatile. Band rings have been around longer than we can count, but today, designers are putting a decidedly fresh take on these ring staples.

Look at the Variety Made Just for You!

We’ve seen wide rings replace traditional wedding bands—both with diamonds and gemstone accents, and simple ones with beautiful treatments to the gold surface for added interest.

Since brides have all the flexibility they want today to decide what their engagement rings should look like, we’re seeing this style pop up for the engagement ring reveal photo on social media too. 

The versatility with rings is more than what they are used for (as in engagement rings). Their versatility extends to the types of designers are offering to style conscious women today. 

What Does Your Ring Convey?

For instance, a band can accompany a traditional engagement ring. It can be sleek and sophisticated like a simple precious metal ring with a flat or curved top—whatever you like to pair with your engagement ring. But why not jazz it up a bit by adding diamonds in a dazzling pavé treatment so you will sparkle brightly like your feelings of love right now. 

 There’s delicate and there’s chunky—must you choose? Just look at the array of slim diamond studded bands made today. You can change them around to fit your mood—even if your mood changes from day to day! That’s fine. You can wear various ones on different fingers to adorn just about all of your hand. No finger is off limits to the stack rings—even your thumb! Your life your way, we say. You can stack them to your heart’s desire—and change their order any time the whim suits you. 

Stack ‘em Up!

Band rings
Stack ‘em Up!: Image: Supplied

When it comes to stacking rings—which are hugely popular at the moment, some ladies feel the more the merrier. And why not? You’ll only be giving yourself more wearing options so that you never tire of the way your rings look on you. If some of the stackable rings include color gemstones—all the better. You can change up to match your outfits every day.

What about the cigar band rings? We have a special warm spot for them because their iconic shape transcends time. And secretly, we remember when we were children playing with real cigar bands as our imaginary wedding rings. Today you can enjoy the cigar style—which is rounded in the front—and has straight or tapered side that continue around the back. This style gives you abundant room for diamonds, colored stones, and any kind of personalization you can dream up. Even monograms are a fit with this style.

The Size That’s best For Your Hand

A 1.5mm or even up to a 2mm band is considered a slim style band that is comfortable to wear along but it pairs well with your solitaire engagement ring as well. If it’s going to be worn with an engagement ring it’s best to try it on first. That way you can test the comfort level of wearing both together. That’s how you’ll know the ideal width for you. Did you know that with slimmer rings, it’s a good idea to choose tougher precious metals like platinum or palladium. They’ll not risk becoming misshapen from everyday wear and tear. 

Larger statement rings are a stylish choice that can quickly become your signature piece of jewelry. They stand out in the most attractive way. In the same way that you want to try on slim bands –especially those paired to other rings to confirm their comfort—do the same with wide ones. Here we’re talking about 5mm up to 8mm in width. Sometimes we need to go up a half size above our normal ring size when wearing a wide ring. And because not all band rings are meant to be worn on the wedding finger of the left hand—be sure to check and see what size is comfortable if you’ll be wearing it on the right hand.

Bands with Engagement Rings

Expressing your personal style through rings is the way to go. Some brides tell us they simply do not want 2 separate rings—an engagement ring and later the coordinating wedding band. That’s fine—you own your style and we applaud you. How about a wide band—and if you like, a shimmering solitaire right in the center. You want a ring that no one else has and we don’t blame you. Your personality is unique, your love story is like no-one else, and why shouldn’t your ring reflect your individuality. Good for you. You’d better get prepared for admiring stares and compliments galore, because these unique jewelries draw all the right kind of attention. 

Goes Around Comes Around Bands

Band rings
Goes Around Comes Around Bands: Image: Supplied

Lately, we’ve been enjoying a renaissance of the wide concave band completely enrobed with pavé diamonds on every surface. Sure it’s a trend that’s coming around again from the late 80s but we can’t help but love it. It’s all out glam and the ring to take you through life in style. If you are a glamour queen at heart who wants to feel pampered and confident of your style, we say just go for it. You’ll thank us every year you enjoy wearing it.  

Don’t overlook the lightweight but on-trend double slim band that are finding their way onto the runway this year. They may look like 2 separate delicate bands set a  half inch apart on the finger. But in the back there’s a little gold piece connecting them. Who said you can’t have it all?

You know you can have two delicate bands worn on either side of your engagement ring too? This is what we meant by the ultimate in versatility. We want to inspire you to think outside the box and select a ring that is totally YOU! You deserve to enjoy your ring and watch the admiring glances of others who see your lovely very personalized jewelry!

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