Watch: Ginormous snake sends K

Watch: Ginormous snake sends Kruger National Park visitors running in all directions [video]

All fun and games until the snake decides to move…

Watch: Ginormous snake sends K

Snakes and spiders ey? Unless you are one of the few people who has a strange desire to keep them as a pet, you are like the rest of us normal human beings who shit ourselves when we see one. This group of people at the Kruger National Park clearly weren’t the pet kind…

We get scared just seeing your average size mole snake or house spider. This one particular safaris group thought it was all fun and games looking at the snake in the distance, then the snake decided to slither into the cars engine. The group drove on for a little while before stopping to open the bonnet, more happy tranquil picks were taken….

Suddenly the snake decided to leave the car and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE, people were trying to run and film at the same god damn time! It makes for great watching, check it out below.

Kruger National Park

ohhh my lordie me!!! and if you didnt believe me that snake was real, heres a video just to proove it!!!! this is at Kruger National Park ewwwk ewwwk ewwwwkkkkkkkk it huge!!!!!Terri Noscov

Posted by Terri Noscov on Saturday, July 26, 2014