Watch: four-year-old falls out

Watch: four-year-old falls out of the back of a moving bus, rescued by motorist [video]

The little girl is so lucky a motorist with medical training happened to be driving behind the bus.

Watch: four-year-old falls out

A young girl has been hospitalised after falling out of the back of a moving bus in Harrison, Arkansas. Lucky for her, Ryan Ciampoli was driving behind the bus at the exact moment the accident happened.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was so shocking,” Ciampoli, a trained emergency medical technician, said. His dashcam recorded the entire thing.

In the video you can see the back door of the bus fling open, before the girl drops out of the moving vehicle and hits the ground, taking a tumble. Please note that the footage might be upsetting to sensitive viewers:

“For a very brief time she had got enough consciousness to say ‘where is my mommy?,” Ciampoli said.

“Obviously you want to leave her laying there, if she’s not in danger, but we’re in the middle of a state highway,” he told KHBS-TV. “So I couldn’t leave her just laying there.”

CNN reports that the girl broke her jaw and is currently recovering in hospital. No further information is currently available as to just how the door ended up being opened.

Can you imagine how terrifying it must be, seeing your own child tumbling out of the back of a moving bus, on a busy road in the middle of traffic?

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