enhle mbali

Enhle Mbali. Photo: @enhlembali / IG

Watch: Enhle Mbali breaks her silence on Black Coffee divorce [video]

Enhle Mbali, after years of speculation, has finally put rumours of her split from Black Coffee to bed.

enhle mbali

Enhle Mbali. Photo: @enhlembali / IG

Enhle Mbali, a renowned actress who was married to DJ Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo has confirmed that the two are no longer a couple.

Enhle Mbali divorces Black Coffee: How did we get here?

Until now, Enhle Mbali has either made inferences about her broken marriage to close friends, like DJ Zinhle, or kept to herself. However, after Sunday World published details of the couple’s divorce settlement, she was forced to finally speak out.

By all accounts, it seems that the divorce may not have been handled amicably. According to the cited report, it is alleged that Enhle Mbali may have applied for a protection order against Black Coffee’s mother and sister.

The journey to the end of Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee has a lot to do with the dynamic of their respective professions. Enhle Mbali is a local actress who, for the most part, is always based in South Africa, where she also raises her children,

Black Coffee, on the other hand, has grown into Africa’s biggest megastar. The DJ is hardly in South Africa for that long before he is obliged to jet off to Ibiza, Spain, where he has a residency spot, or Las Vegas, in the US, where he is developing a fanbase.

This distance, coupled with allegations of infidelity on the DJ’s part, have made things terribly difficult for Enhle Mbali, who has pleaded with the public to allow her space to protect her children from the drama.

Speaking to DJ Zinhle, who managed to rekindle her romance with Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, Enhle Mbali subliminally threw shots at Coffee, claiming that he may have cheated on her as a means to make up for confidence he does not have.

“Men only cheat because they don’t have confidence, and they rely on someone else to keep building that ego. A lot of the time it’s the only reason they do it, and we often find excuses, but it’s a confidence issue, and depends on if we build confidence in a person from a very young age,” she once said.

Watch: Mbali speaks out about Black Coffee divorce

Forced to come out of the shadows to address the matter, Mbali pleaded for privacy, for the sake of her children.

“It has been a long couple of years for me. In all that, all I ask for is silence. Not for me or for anyone else, but for my children. Everything I have done till this day is to protect my children,” she said.

You can watch the rest of what the actress had to say about her divorce below.

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