An asteroid lit up the sky over the English Channel. Photo: Twitter

WATCH: Asteroid hits earth in spectacular fashion

An asteroid lit up the night sky over the English Channel on Monday morning, and the imagery is quite incredible.


An asteroid lit up the sky over the English Channel. Photo: Twitter

Early on Monday morning, an asteroid that was discovered just hours earlier made its impact with Earth’s atmosphere, with video footage showing a bright flash streaking across the skies over Western Europe.

The asteroid, dubbed Sar2667, is said to have been one metre long, and exploded over the English Channel. It could be seen across southern England and Wales and in parts of northern France.

The asteroid was first detected on the evening of 12 February by astronomer Krisztián Sárneczky in Hungary. He told that he found the asteroid during a routine near-Earth object hunt.

“It was immediately obvious that it was an NEO, but it wasn’t particularly fast across the sky,” he said, “as it was heading right towards us, and it was faint.” 

With the entry of the asteroid having been predicted, many people had their cameras ready to catch the moment it entered earth’s atmosphere.

You can check out footage of the asteroid below:

Known as an “airburst,” the event was just the seventh time in history that an asteroid impact has been predicted in advance.

The forecast was described by the European Space Agency as “a sign of the rapid advancements in global asteroid detection capabilities.”

Although events of this magnitude occur several times a year, the Sar2667 explosion was “special” because it is the first time that a collision has happened “with enough warning to get data.”

The one-meter-long object, named Sar2667, burnt up in the atmosphere. Photo: Twitter

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