SA doctor opens practice where


SA doctor opens practice where you only pay what you can afford

Dr Paulo de Valdolerios’ Walk-In Doctor practice where patients only pay what they can afford recently caused a media frenzy in South Africa.

SA doctor opens practice where


Dr Paulo de Valdolerios, of the Walk-In Doctor, recently caused a stir when he opened his medical practice in Westdene in Bloemfontein.

According to The Bloemfontein Courant, the idea of Walk-In Doctor is a practice with an unusual twist, where patients only pay what they can afford.

Walk-In Doctor: How does it work?

At the practice, a patient walks in, get examined by Dr Paulo, and he gives them basic medication.

The patients then head over to the secretary, where they pay what they can afford.

Dr Paulo explained that the idea of the practice was not to make history but rather to make people think differently. “There are so many people who really need help but cannot afford it,” he told The Bloemfontein Courant.

He also said that no bookings are necessary, as they work on a first come first serve basis.

The doctor, who only graduated at the age of 51, said that his sole interest is in primary healthcare and providing for day-to-day health and medical needs, and teaching people to take better care of their bodies in order to live healthier, longer lives.

“I believe that medicine is my calling, it’s something that you’re born for and I have always wanted to do this. We all chase money but I’m tired of chasing money, I don’t want to be the boss and be in charge, I just want to do what I like to do and that is help people.”

Dr Paulo said that he has been asked many a times how much a patient should or should not pay. But the point is not to go on anyone else’s budget but your own.

On the question of ‘what if people abused this opportunity’, he simply answered that there is nothing to abuse as there is no system, as there is no minimum.

He also said that he is not contracted to any medical aids as this would defeat the purpose of the practice.