VW driver.

This VW driver had a really bad day. Images via Facebook: @South Africa Daily

Yikes! VW driver crashes straight off dealership property [photos]

‘Licence was BOUGHT not OBTAINED,’ wrote one person after seeing how the VW driver crashed a new vehicle while still at the dealership.

VW driver.

This VW driver had a really bad day. Images via Facebook: @South Africa Daily

Social media users have been left absolutely shook after photos of a one-car accident were shared online. In the photos, it appears a new driver mistakenly drove her brand new car straight out of the dealership, into a fence, and over a small hill. Many people have shared their thoughts about what could’ve caused the accident.

VW driver drives brand new car off a hill!

One person’s joy of buying a new car quickly turned to dismay after an unfortunate accident resulted in the car hanging halfway off an embankment.

In snaps that were shared on Facebook by a page called South Africa Daily on 20 February this year, a VW Polo can be seen hanging off a small cliff on which the Volkswagen dealership stood.

The photo was sarcastically captioned:

“She was driving out of the dealership, having taken delivery of her brand new car. Long story short, an idea occurred to take a shortcut.”

Hilarious comments are made

Here in South Africa, VW drivers are seemingly always at center of driving jokes so it wasn’t a surprise that many people headed to the comment section to laugh and joke at this VW driver.

Many locals also remarked that the driver may or may not have “bought” her licence hence the lack of experience and skill. Read some of their comments about the accident below:

Leon Van Rensburg wrote:

“Licence was BOUGHT not OBTAINED.”

Portia Canavan said:

“Guys, maybe she had a stroke .. maybe she couldn’t believe she bought her own car. Shame maybe she didn’t buy her license. Cause you have to be on another level of stupid to do that.”

Gavin Sandeman said:

“Did the dealer let her take it out on a test drive or at least go over the controls? Reminds me of a US case when the owner of a new Porsche was paralysed in the same way, the dealer was held liable for all costs.”

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