Drunk kzn cop

(South Africa Live)

What a state: KZN cop goes viral after being caught drunk on the job [video]

Imagine needing a SAPS officer to assist you and this guy turns up. The KZN cop found drunk on-duty now faces a disciplinary.

Drunk kzn cop

(South Africa Live)

A KZN cop is in hot water this week after he was caught on camera in a terrible state. The officer, who was absolutely steaming in Pietermaritzburg, could barely hold himself together after a night on the sauce.

The reluctant viral superstar was on-duty when the video (uploaded by South Africa Live) was taken, accompanied by another officer. People surrounding the police vehicle realise that the officer cannot keep his eyes open, and he slurs his speech to the point where he’s incomprehensible.

That’s not even the worst bit, though. He’s encouraged by passers-by to exit his van and stand up. He takes an age to rise from his passenger seat, and when he gets to his feet, we see the officer sway from side to side, with eyes rolling into the back of his head.

Drunk KZN cop sets tongues wagging

People push cell phone cameras in his face as they film the embarrassing moment, yet the drunkard barely notices what’s happening right in front of him.

We’ve all been there, mate. But just not when we’ve been tasked with protecting local citizens and operating a firearm. Needless to say, this indiscretion hasn’t escaped the attention of his seniors. In a public statement, KZN Police Brigadier Jay Naicker confirmed the officer had been identified.

Following up with TimesLive, he told the publication that the officer had been busted down to desk duty, as both he and his partner face cannot escape the long arm of the law they serve:

“He has had his firearm taken away and he will be working in the community service centre while disciplinary action against him and his partner runs its course.”

The driver of the vehicle, though not intoxicated himself, is also facing disciplinary action for not acting in a responsible manner. Rather than dismissing his colleague and sending him home, he allowed the youthful-looking cop to carry on in an inebriated state.

Watch: Drunk Pietermaritzburg cop “can’t even stand”: