UK biltong company claims to m

UK biltong company claims to make the best biltong in the world

Is this even possible?

UK biltong company claims to m

Biltong is just about as South African as you can get. Along with braaivleis and melktert, the cured meat snack is one of SA’s most well-known love-it-or-hate-it snacks.

So, when a British company claimed they make the best biltong in the world, we needed to do a little investigating.

Is biltong really biltong if it’s not South African?

Everyone who works at Berkshire Biltong is trained by a South African biltong-making family. Their skills have been learned over years and years of passionate biltong making using genuine South African equipment.

How they make their biltong

Only prime, organic, grass-fed beef is used. It is hung for 21 days to ensure tenderness and flavour, which is enhanced by the unique blend of herbs and spices Berkshire Biltong uses.

Meat is always carefully selected and then dried for longer than normal using traditional methods.

The owner, James says, “We make all our Biltong fresh to order, and buy our beef from a local butcher not a wholesaler. This keeps things local and ensures quality and traceability. We’ve really tried to stay true to biltong’s traditions and principles.”

There are no artificial ingredients added to any of their products, which is why Berkshire Biltong is made to order and won’t be found in shops.

What makes it so special?

We visited their Facebook page to see what their customers thought of their biltong and droewors because we know that the proof of the biltong is in the eating, and here’s what they had to say:

“If it was possible to marry a biltong company, I would look into the possibility before deciding such a notion is ridiculous and I am being stupid. The gist is, I like the way you process cows into bite-size chunks of cows.” – Richard H

“Just like the finest Zim homemade biltong! You couldn’t get better at the Dutch Reformed Fete. Delicious. Worth every penny.” – Bev O

“The Berkshire black was delicious, very tender and tasty, just like the original biltong you get in South Africa.” – Joe K

If it’s not in the shops, where is it?

Berkshire Biltong is available online and will be delivered to your door within 8-10 working days from order.

There is a variety of meat products to choose from, including biltong, droewors, energy pouches (made up of biltong, droewors, berries, fruits and nuts), and grazing packs.

Sounds legit to us.