Are they finally here? ‘UFO’ s

Image: UFO Last Minute/YouTube

Are they finally here? ‘UFO’ sighting over Cape Town goes viral [video]

A strange object in the night sky has let some to believe that an ‘actual’ UFO was hovering above Cape Town…

Are they finally here? ‘UFO’ s

Image: UFO Last Minute/YouTube

Residents in Tableview and Milnerton, Cape Town, are scratching their heads wondering what exactly they saw seemingly flying in the air on Monday evening 12 April 2021.

The sighting, which was shared on UFO Last Minute on YouTube, shows a strange object hovering in the night sky in Cape Town. Now, many believe it to be an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Not many details are available at the moment, with the person who originally took the video also unknown. But, the footage is enough to get some people rattled and asking questions while other believe “they are coming”.


An ‘alien craft’?

Meanwhile in Germany, a strange object – which some believe are a UFO – was spotted “against a cloudless blue sky” on 7 April 2021.

-“This is 100% an alien craft. Its colour and tic-tac shape confirm it,” said Scott C Waring from Taiwan on the UFOs Sighting Daily website.


It seems more and more of these occurences are being speculated about online.

In January 2021, The South African reported that the CIA released 2 780 pages of declassified records to the public which details the US government’s findings on UFOs. These reports have been classified since the 1980s.

The documents were posted online when John Greenewald Jr successfully filed a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and obtained the newly digitised documents.

Greenewald Jr explained that some of the documents were released in the late 1990s and that the CIA made a digital collection of all UFO documents, “which encompassed the original records”.

After purchasing the collection in mid-2020, Greenewald Jr spent months converting the contents into searchable PDF files. This was the culmination of decades of work on his part. He told Vice’s Samir Ferdowsi:

“Around 20 years ago, I had fought for years to get additional UFO records released from the CIA. It was like pulling teeth! I went around and around with them to try and do so, finally achieving it. I received a large box, of a couple of thousand pages, and I had to scan them in one page at a time”.