Online High School

Exciting new offerings with UCT Online High School coming in 2023: Image: Supplied

Exciting new offerings with UCT Online High School coming in 2023

UCT Online High School in 2023 will be offering Cambridge International curriculum and an exciting Adult Matric programme delivered entirely online.

Online High School

Exciting new offerings with UCT Online High School coming in 2023: Image: Supplied

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since UCT Online High School launched. With over 5 000 learners and over 600 staff, they’ve come a long way since then. Today UCT Online High School is a thriving, evolving institution, more determined than ever to change the face of education in Africa.

Which is why they’re thrilled to share two exciting new offerings with you, coming in 2023:

Cambridge International

UCT Online High School is now the most affordable, fully accredited online school in Africa to offer the Cambridge International curriculum — for only R3 300 per month.

As one of the most renowned educational institutions on the planet, Cambridge has a proud history of excellence and innovation, having refined its school curriculum for the past 160 years. Currently, the Cambridge Assessment International Education is offered in over 10 000 schools in more than 160 countries with more than 8 million learners writing their Cambridge International examinations every year.

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Recognised by over 2 000 tertiary institutions worldwide, upon completion, UCT Online High School learners will automatically be eligible to apply to any university in the United Kingdom, over 800 universities in the United States, and many other learner destinations, including Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. Not to mention all major tertiary institutions within Southern Africa and throughout Africa. 

UCT Online High School is proud to provide learners within South Africa, and beyond its borders, the opportunity to complete the following qualifications: IGCSE (from 2023) and International AS-Levels and A-Levels (from 2025).

The Cambridge International curriculum is a powerful academic passport to a brighter, global future for many aspiring young Africans. UCT Online High School’s current cohort of learners will continue to spread across Africa into the world, taking advantage of this growing global network and expanding their worldviews through friendships they would have never been exposed to in their own immediate communities.

Join this thriving online community today for R3 300 per month.

Adult Matric

Another exciting offering coming from UCT Online High School in 2023 is their Adult Matric programme. Delivered entirely online, Adult Matric will provide a second chance to those learners who were unable, or never given the opportunity, to write their South African National Senior Certificate when they were young — because it’s never too late to enable a better future for you and your family.

As per Youth Capital’s research, almost a third of all people working toward their matric certificate do so outside the full-time, in-school system. As second-chancers, the educational journeys of these non-traditional learners often go unrecognised. UCT Online High School is there to celebrate and support these learners. UCT Online High School Adult Matric offers a viable and affordable alternative for adults to study online, and part-time, towards attaining their all-important matric certificate.

Head to their website and sign up to get more information on these exciting new products!

You are UCT

You see, UCT Online High School isn’t just a school, it’s the backbone of an entire ecosystem which has been designed to service learners from a broad range of socioeconomic and academic means.

Join UCT Online High School for CAPS, Cambridge International or Adult Matric!

Enrol in the month of August and you will automatically get 60% off your placement fee!  

For more information head to and download an info pack. Alternatively, book a call with one of our friendly Admissions Consultants on +27 21 140 1792, or email, and they’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have.