Uber Eats Woolworths

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UberEats, Woolworths team up so Joburgers can now food shop via the app

An app for the weekly groceries? We’ve got it, thanks to a new partnership forged between UberEats and Woolworths.

Uber Eats Woolworths

@UberEats / Twitter

Thanks to a novel partnership between UberEats and Woolworths, you can now add your weekly grocery shop to what you can get from the app.

As reported by Business Insider, the two firms are working in tandem to make life easier for South Africans.

UberEats and Woolworths: Where can I order from?

For those of you living near Bryanston, Sandton or Parkhurst, you will be able to go online shopping just by downloading the UberEats app. The company – an offshoot of Uber’s transport organisation – have become one of the biggest takeaway services in Mzansi.

However, they’re now swapping pizzas and burgers for toilet rolls and loaves of bread. Uber Eats SA’s general manager, Ailyssa Pretorius, told the publication that this has been a year in the making.

With all the red-tape cleared and delivery drivers ready to rev-and-go, this week saw the project get up and running. But what do consumers need to know about it?

What is the delivery fee?

For a start, you’ll be paying 7.5% more on your total food bill. Sorry, but these are the perils of this early phase. There’s also a mandatory R10 delivery fee you must fork out for the driver – you will have to pay this while making your order.

How does the online food shop work with UberEats?

If you’ve got UberEats on your phone, it really is as simple as typing “Woolworths” into the search bar and choosing whichever outlet is nearest.

Uber Eats is available from 7:00– 00:00, seven days a week. But you’ll only be able to order from Woolies during store opening hours. It’s wise to check when your nearest outlet is open before committing to a shop.

You either scroll on your phone, or order via desktop. Click on the food items you want – which will then “add to cart” – and press “checkout” when you’ve got everything you need.

Here’s hoping that more schemes like this can be rolled out in the future, as South Africans look to ease their hectic schedules and give “convenience” store shopping a literal meaning.