Twitter data saver


Twitter data saver: Here’s how you can conserve data when you’re next online

We have been heard. The Twitter “data saver” option was rolled out on Wednesday night, and it’s great news for South Africans.

Twitter data saver


Listen, no matter how lit the memes are or how fire the timeline is, logging onto Twitter still eats up your data. That’s why the platform has now launched a new feature aimed at saving you some money.

The “data saver” feature is a new tool that was added to the social media site late on Wednesday night. It gives users the option to scroll through Twitter without burning through as much data as they usually would.

How Twitter data saver works

When the setting is switched on, it will ensure that all photos load in a lower quality and stops videos from autoplaying, saving you chunks of data. That really is the long and short of it – we’ve got a very simple change, but one that is rather effective for South Africans.

But what if there’s something you need to see, but the resolution is too low ? Not to worry: To see an image appear in higher quality, you can tap on the three-top menu and pick “Load High Quality” to change the setting on that particular piece of content.

How do I turn data saver on when using Twitter?

Again, convenience is the name of the game here. Simply click on your Twitter app – whether you’re on IoS or Android – and immediately go to “settings” on your profile icon. The drop-down menu comes with something totally different at the bottom.

“Data saver” appears next to an on / off button. To enable this feature, simply slide the button from left to right. If you want to return to your normal Twitter functionality, slide the button back to the left.

Users also have the option of downloading the Twitter Lite application, which is another data-effective version of the platform that tries to save us all a few gigs. However, if space is in short supply on your phone, the data saver feature should be more than enough to keep you happy.