22 Funny Tweets about going ho

22 Funny Tweets about going home for the holidays

It’s almost time for Christmas and if you’re going home, and not necessarily looking forward to it, this is for you. Check out this roundup of funny Tweets about going home for the holidays.

22 Funny Tweets about going ho

Being home for the holidays can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. While some of us start to feel the pressure of putting our best foot forward for the whole family, others take to the internet to address their nerves.

Here are 22 Funny tweets about going home for the holidays:

1. Here we go!

2. When you’re friends are scattered all over:

3. When you want to boycott the whole thing:

4. When you’re skilled in that department:

5. When you spend most of the holidays fixing up the internet connection:

6. Going home for the holidays be like:

7. Ain’t it true…

8. When you’re the only one left:

9. When your weighing up your options…

10. Basically:

11. Truth:

12. Fun Christmas Parties:

13. Keep wishing!

14. Ouch…

15. The stress of it all:

16. Yeah well…

17. At least you get to drink some booze:

18. Let’s not forget about the pets…

19. When you party it up…

20. For some discipline…

21. And don’t even talk about the stress of buying the perfect gifts. This guy is lucky!

22. When you’re looking at the statistics:

Remember that it’s still the season to be jolly!