Watch: Charlize Theron struggl

Watch: Charlize Theron struggles with the challenges of motherhood in new ‘Tully’ trailer [video]

Everything you need to know about Charlize Theron’s new film Tully; a film about the challenges and reality of postpartum depression.

Watch: Charlize Theron struggl

Charlize Theron has been busy over the last couple of weeks. She recently reflected on her childhood in South Africa at the Daytona 500 and brushed up on her Afrikaans, and now she’s promoting her new film, Tully which tells the tale of motherhood and the reality of postpartum depression.

For Tully, Theron reunited with screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman, who she also worked with on the film Young Adult. Cody and Reitman also created the film Juno. While Young Adult and Juno both tackle different situations, some believe this is Cody and Reitman’s best collaboration yet: “Tully is a wonderful, deeply empathetic ode to mothers, new and otherwise,” Tomris Laffly wrote on Twitter.

Tully cast members and plot:

According to Hello Giggles, Theron plays Marlo, a mom of three kids (one being a newborn) who is feeling quite overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of motherhood. When Marlo’s brother (Mark Duplass) pays for her to have a nanny (named Tully and played by Mackenzie Davis) to help around the house, the two women form an unlikely bond, with the young, free-spirited nanny ultimately helping Marlo gain some perspective on her life and feel a bit of freedom. In Tully, Ron Livingston stars as Drew, Marlo’s husband.

In the trailer, Theron, who’s struggling to keep it together, says: “Your 20’s are great, but then your 30’s come around the corner like a garbage truck at 5 a.m.”

Watch the trailer for Tully over here:

When is the release date for Tully?

Tully will hit theaters in April.

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