Trio takes selfie at exact mom

Image: @tootingnewsie/Twitter

Trio takes selfie at exact moment they’re struck by lightning [photo]

Electrifying snap: Three UK siblings were able to capture their harrowing experience as they snapped a selfie at the very moment they were struck by lightning.

Trio takes selfie at exact mom

Image: @tootingnewsie/Twitter

Three siblings from the UK — Rachel, Isobel and Andrew Jobson — were struck by lightning when they took shelter under a tree while out cycling. The trio took a selfie at the exact moment the lightning struck them.

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The siblings had been cycling and decided to take a break under a tree near Hampton Court Palace in South-West London during heavy rain. As they snapped a selfie, a lightning bolt struck the trio, with the moment captured on the camera.

Image via Twitter @nypost

The BBC reported that the siblings were taken to hospital with burns and discharged hours after. The 26-year-old Rachel who is the eldest of the trio, told the BBC that they were cycling to their aunt’s place in Surrey for a visit when they decided to stop for a toilet break.

When Rachel returned from the toilet, she saw her siblings standing under a tree during the thunderstorm and before getting back on the road, she joined them for a selfie.

‘My sister and I were screaming’

We were taking the picture with our phone and then the next thing, I was on the ground. I felt disjointed. My sister and I were screaming, says Rachel.

The second oldest, Isobel, 23, remembered the exact time they took the selfie and how she felt when the lightning struck the three of them.

“The picture of us at the moment the lightning strike happened was at 17:05. I took a picture of us smiling and we then wanted a sad picture in the rain. All of a sudden I was on the ground and couldn’t hear anything apart from this high-pitched buzzing,” Isobel told the BBC.


Rachel confirmed to the BBC that all three of them were hurt, although last-born Andrew was more stunned than anything else.

The siblings were helped to their feet by bystanders before the paramedics turned up to take them to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London.

The Jobson family were told it was possible that a titanium plate in Isobel’s arm following a cycling accident last year might have been what led to the lightning surging through their bodies.

My sister’s arm was very hot, because of the plate. Everyone was amazed at what had happened to us,” says Rachel, who was grateful to the medical staff that looked after the three of them.