Watch: Trevor Noah gets honest


Watch: Trevor Noah gets honest about his perspective on love and dating [video]

This is what Trevor Noah had to say about his love life and why he is a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you’re married.

Watch: Trevor Noah gets honest


The South African comedian and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah recently sat down with Howard Stern to talk about his work, personal life and his upcoming projects.

Trevor made his ‘Stern Show’ debut a few days before he had to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York for his Loud and Clear tour (where he also became the first African comedian to sell out the famous arena).

Keeping his romantic relationships out of the tabloids

Despite being so recognizable, Trevor has managed to keep many of his romantic relationships out of the tabloids.

He told Howard he meets women “everywhere” but flies below the radar because he’s not looking to date other celebrities.

“I’m lucky. I gravitate toward real people in life,” he said.

“Do you think you’ll ever be married?”

“I’m not opposed to it,” Trevor said, adding, “I don’t know. I can only know where I am now in life and that’s what I’ve learned to enjoy.”

Trevor also said that he is a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you’re married.

“I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships breakup is because of this cohabiting bullshit that we’ve come to believe is the way relationships are supposed to be.”

Stand-up comedy is the closest thing Trevor has to a wife

Trevor also told Howard that Chris Rock has encouraged him to tour less and enjoy his life more, but he still performs 80 to 90 dates a year. Thankfully, Trevor has little trouble writing an abundance of material – that’s because when he first got started in stand-up he mistakenly believed he was supposed to deliver a fresh set every night.

“I’ve kept that [skill], luckily. I can write jokes fairly quickly,” Trevor said.

On his work

Trevor eventually opened up abut his work ethic in America.

The 35-year-old Emmy-winning TV host eventually said that he isn’t looking for a break.

“I worked seven days a week for two years,” Trevor said. “I’m terrified of being broke again. I’m perpetually terrified of that.”

He said part of his outlook stemmed from the American way of life in which one seemingly never has enough to feel secure, but another part comes from lessons taught to him by his mother, who worked tirelessly for everything she ever had.

Wise words

Trevor later said that being famous has given him the chance to meet some of the people who inspire him, including Oprah Winfrey and Dave Chappelle, who he said have each given him valuable advice.

Chappelle’s words of wisdom came when Trevor got nervous before opening up for him during his 2017 residency at Radio City Music Hall.

“I was like, ‘Dave, what am I even doing here? I don’t even know if I’m funny enough to be here,” Trevor told Howard. “Dave said, ‘Look, man, you don’t understand something. You’re not here because you’re funny – I know 100 funny m*th#rf@ck*rs out there—you’re here because you’re interesting.’”

What’s next?

Trevor revealed that he will be producing an upcoming movie about an eight-year-old chess champion.

“I’m truly blessed. You ask me why I’m so positive – how could I not be? Life only gets better for me,” Trevor said. “Considering where I came from, I only should be having a good time.”