Topic: 11 things to try before you die

Topic: 11 things to try before you die. Image credit: AdobeStock

Topic: 11 things to try before you die

(Partner Content) Life is too short not to try new things, focus on what you want to do, well don’t be afraid to try new stuff; you only live once. So you have got to take risks at times. Mark Zupan.

Topic: 11 things to try before you die

Topic: 11 things to try before you die. Image credit: AdobeStock

Following are a few craziest things to try before you die

1- Sky diving

Skydiving is a great method to explore your adventurous side if you’re feeling it. But unfortunately, a lot of people believe that skydiving is risky. That is comprehensible. You are truly falling from the sky while travelling at a head-breaking speed toward the ground! You may be thinking about learning that the likelihood of dying in a skydiving accident is considerably lower than the likelihood of suffering major injuries when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Overall, it is a risk-free activity that will undoubtedly give you a heart-pumping experience you will never forget.

2- Travelling

Travelling brings joy and happiness; people love to travel with their family and friends. Someone said it rightly: “Travel is an investment in yourself.”

The world is a huge place, and as they say, the world is your oyster! Try a drink of champagne in the South of France, where it gets its name, or some real al dente pasta in a quaint little ristorante in Rome. You can discover different foods and cultures when travelling and interact with many interesting individuals you might not have otherwise met.

3- Watch each of the films everyone continues to discuss

What movies are people referring to and feeling inspired by? See them! Are you a fan of superheroes? Explore and watch Marvel and DC films nonstop. Hulu has giant content available that covers every genre. Well, the only hurdle is geo-restrictions on Hulu outside the USA, but luckily you can access Hulu South Africa by subscribing to a reliable VPN now, when your coworkers discuss their favourite heroes or villains you won’t be left out of the conversation. Thor or Spiderman memes will be thrown around your group chat.

4- Learn a new language

Learning a new language is beneficial and amazing in a globalized world. It will improve your memory because you will use your brain more and function accordingly. Enhance your ability to multitask where needed; multilingual people can think in both languages, and it’s their ability to think in different languages which automatically improves your academic performance. So, what are you waiting for? Learn a new language now!!

5- Start a business

Want to start a business? Then it would help if you were focused and well aware that a strong commitment is necessary to start any business. Write a business plan to ensure the reason for starting your business—a strategy to maintain things accordingly. Write your business plan, funds for the company and market research.

However, trying a new thing takes a lot of hard work and struggles to take a decision. First, you must start a business and see the outcome from a different perspective.

6- Dozing off under the stars

Oh, so sweet! One of the most fulfilling, lovely, and reflective moments of your life may be this unless you’re doing it because you have no place to live and have maxed out five credit cards.

But don’t worry if you’re single like I am! Who says it’s forbidden to spend a night alone under the stars? You might also do it with your family and friends. More is always better!

7- Built a new habit:

In this fast pace era where you work for 5 freaking days, you must adopt any habit to make it fun to repeat. Organize your day; even if your weekdays are busy, then you must take some time on the weekend for yourself. If you are Sci-fi movies or fantasy movie fans, you must spend your Saturday night on Hulu, where you can have different genres. Well, You can watch Hulu in South Africa with the help of a premium VPN connection. Movies boost your mood and give you relaxation from the tiring schedule.

8- Fall in Love

We all know this is not planned, but sometimes we catch so much in our work that we forget to add spice and romance to our life. This is the missing thing we all lack to fill. “A life lived in love will never be dull.” –

In addition, you need a partner to share a strong bond in this fast era where every person is busy in their own life, and everyone is fighting their own battle. Fall in love to experience the most beautiful feeling in the whole world.

9- Visit Las vegas

It’s said by someone that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so it’s the ideal spot to let free! In addition the city known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, you will have a blast whether you visit the opulent hotels, the lavish food buffets, the performances, or some good old-fashioned gambling!

10- overcoming a fear

Don’t allow any of fear to keep you stop from doing things for the rest of your life! Instead, try overcoming some of your worries, if not all of them. For example, if you’re afraid of heights, don’t go jumping from any buildings; I don’t think it will help.

You can be terrified of public speaking, starting a business, operating a motor vehicle, or swimming. It’s time to eliminate them all right away!

11- Donate hair for cancer research.

Shaving your head for cancer can raise a lot of money, especially if you’re a woman. Additionally, it’s a fantastic chance to mock prevailing ideals of female beauty and femininity. Not to mention that a cancer patient could regain their confidence thanks to your hair. So consider whether you should donate your hair today before you cut off your lengthy locks.


Make every moment divine and fun-filled so that you won’t regret in your old age about unfinished things. It might be hard, but live like today is your last day and accomplish your goals for yourself.