Wednesday’s Episode of Scandal. Image credits: eTV

TONIGHT’S EPISODE: Scandal – Wednesday 17 November 2021 (E3956 S13)

Get to know what’s happening on tonight’s episode!


Wednesday’s Episode of Scandal. Image credits: eTV

Tonight’s episode of Scandal:

A child goes missing, the mother loses her mind, and Zenzele is in the middle of it all. Home is where the skeletons are for one of the tenants at the commune. After years of being estranged, a daughter and father bury the hatchet.

Episode 3956, Season 13

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A father orders his daughter to defy their family. Seipati takes Tebello somewhere special, not knowing it will incite his wrath.

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Scandal! is a South African television soap opera about the people who work for the fictitious newspaper based in Johannesburg (The Voice), with their pressurised deadlines and the chaos of breaking news.

The series first premiered on on Monday 10 January 2005, at 20h00.

Watch the latest episode on from Monday – Friday at 7:30 pm.

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