lesbians delazy

SA artist-UK-based Toya Delazy. Photo: Toya Delazy (FacebooK).

To survive as a lesbian go overseas – Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy is convincing lesbians to go abroad because of SA’s resistance to accept the LGBTQI+ community

lesbians delazy

SA artist-UK-based Toya Delazy. Photo: Toya Delazy (FacebooK).

South African female artist Latoya Buthelezi, popularly known as Toya Delazy has echoed her frustration and sympathy towards black lesbians living in South Africa.

Toya Delazy, migrated to the United Kingdom a couple of years ago where she found love and peace. However, her heart remains at home, especially with the LGBTQI+ community that still struggles to fit in society.

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In a post on Facebook, Delazy explained her observation of why lesbians were better off out of South Africa.

“The truth is if a black lesbian woman wants to survive and become successful globally- she has to leave the country because of the poor levels of education of most South Africans [have],” she said.

“They will start speaking like God is their garden boy, telling you what God thinks while abusing you. Black people unfortunately are going to die in the worst poverty if they cannot accept other blacks and relentlessly judge their own even though we have been the most judged species on the planet,” she explained.

“Where was your God during apartheid, slavery and colonization before you come judge lesbians?” she asked.

Delazy went on to say many careers of those who could have been world-renowned were destroyed because of jealous human infrastructure taking advantage of the fact that this society is homophobic, “lesbians are people too!” she yelled.

“Before you judge and bring that holier than thou God nonsense. Check your jealousy, what are you doing. Comment with how you are changing the world and what you have contributed to the uplifting of society. Because you are extra holy show us where your perfection has taken you,” she added.


“Her story breaks my heart,” the award-winning musician said referencing the victimisation Banyana Banyana top goal scorer Portia Modise underwent due to her sexual preference in sports.

“It could have been me in the music industry if I didn’t leave,” said Delazy.
“STOP BEING CRUEL TO LESBIANS, the character assassination needs to stop. Everyone deserves to be rewarded for their hard work – only men get recognition, respect and money that makes [no] sense. We are tired of men and their bodies being forced onto us,” she stood firm.