Tips tipper tipping

‘Tipping’ the scales! Kind-hearted man tips SA restaurant R85k for burger

It seems SA may be having a secret battle of the ‘big-tippers’ after staff at another local restaurant got an amazing R85 000 tip!

Tips tipper tipping

More South African restaurant staff members have had their day made by a kind man who tipped them a whopping R85 000 after visiting the restaurant and ordering only a burger and a drink. According to reports, employees at Pecanwood Boat Club were left in tears after hearing the news.

Big tipper makes it rain on restaurant staff

Staff members at Pecanwood Boat Club in Hartebeespoort were left blown away after receiving a massive tip from one of their regulars. The man who came in and ordered a burger and a drink enjoyed his meal and then asked if he could leave a tip for all 15 employees.

Little did they know that he was about to bless them with an early Christmas present and fork out a massive R85 000. After hearing about the giant tip, staff members reportedly broke out into tears of joy which quickly turned into a song of celebration.

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Pecanwood Boat Club general manager Morne Botha described the whole thing as “incredible” before expressing how the tip could not have come at a better time for the restaurant which was one of many who took a big blow when a harsh COVID-19 lockdown struck South Africa.

“He told the staff that he realized they were all going through a difficult time due to the various lockdown regulations and he wanted to give them something. He swiped his bank card and added R85 000 for staff!” said Botha in a Bar and Grill News report.

GoodThingsGuy also reported that each employee received R5 666.67 from a generous customer with a heart of gold who made the decision to stay anonymous to both the staff and the public.

Other amazing ‘do-gooders’

We previously reported how the staff at Massimo’s in Cape Town seem to be quite lucky when it comes to getting generous tips from kind-hearted patrons.

Last year, one of the staff members at the restaurant shared on the “ImStaying” Facebook page how they got a lovely R4 000 tip as a contribution to the restaurant’s “Pay It Forward” campaign which was set up to help those less fortunate.

Recently the staff was once again blown away after another customer blessed them with a whopping R20 000 tip.

According to IOL, the money was divided among the employees who were obviously overjoyed by their very early Christmas present. The 18 employees all received R1 111.

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