Time for a career change

Time for a career change? Image: Pexels

Time for a career change? Here are the signs that you’re ready

Many people sit in jobs they have long outgrown and are no longer happy doing. Here are the signs that it’s time for a career change.

Time for a career change

Time for a career change? Image: Pexels

Many people are afraid to make a career change as they often think that they are defined by their work and that their jobtitle is part of their identity.

As we move along the journey of life we personally change and evolve.  As we change and grow over time, so too do our interests and skills.


With the world in a state of flux, there is little safety and certainty anymore. 

The last few years have thrown a number of curveballs which have shown that we have limited control of our futures and that we have to accept changes.


The pandemic and the ensuing economic and political turmoil in the world led to unexpected circumstances.

Many people’s livelihoods were impacted when they lost their jobs or businesses. This forced them to become resourceful and to look for new avenues to make a living.


The days of keeping one job or profession for life are over.  The reality is that there’s no such thing as one job for life anymore.

Many people have had to adapt to the environments they live in and are forced to reinvent themselves in their professional capacities.

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1. Personal changes

One of the biggest reasons for wanting to change careers is that you have changed – and the career you chose years ago when you started out your work life no longer suits you.

As you mature your priorities and interests may have changed and you no longer feel the same as you did when you first set out on your career path.

2. Boredom with work

Your job may have become tedious and you are no longer challenged by what you do.

Even if your days at work are generally enjoyable there may be a desire for greater stimulation.

If you feel excessive aggravation or boredom in your dayjob then time to move on.

3. Lack of opportunities for growth

Career progression can be important to one’s overall job satisfaction.  Seeking new challenges is human nature.

Humans are creative beings who like to evolve. If we can grow in a career it has a positive impact on our commitment and engagement with our work.

When there’s little or no room to grow in one’s career it might be time to take that leap of faith and make a change.

4. Disillusionment at work

If your work no longer gives you the kick you enjoyed when you first started out it may be time to stop and rethink.

If finding purpose in your career matters, then feeling disillusioned is a sign that it could be time to find a profession that is aligned with your values.

5. Feeling unvalued

Deriving meaning and purpose from what we do is important to most of us. With so much of our time being spent at work, it’s understandable that we want to feel purpose in our work.

If you are not feeling valued then it might be the right time to seek greener pastures and find something where you do feel valued.  

6. Desire or passion for something different

Some people have realisations and awakenings about their purpose or passion in life. Many people realise they were made for something else or have strong desires to try something new.

When it comes to career changes we must also be rational. Several of our passions are possible to pursue. It is good to have transferable skills that you can put to use in a new area.

If you have the abilities and interests for something new, it’s worth giving it a shot. Having no experience in a field doesn’t mean you have to exclude it.

7. Burnout from stress

If you’re feeling emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted in your current line of work, you could be reaching tipping point. Continued stress is not good for one’s mental, emotional, social or physical well-being.

If you dread the thought of going to work every day, and it’s impacting your quality of life, mental health, and family life then maybe it is time for a rethink .

A large number of employees reach burnout in their jobs, according to Hackspirit. Burnout is the reason many people seek change.

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