Tiffany-Amber Moses model pageant TAM

Image: Bianca Smit Photography

National pageant titles among many wins for young model school owner

Psychology student, model, pageant coach and motivational speaker Tiffany-Amber Moses is already a businesswoman at 21.

Tiffany-Amber Moses model pageant TAM

Image: Bianca Smit Photography

Cape Town’s Tiffany-Amber Moses is thrilled that her model school students have won national pageant titles in 2020.

It seems as if Moses has done more in the modelling and pageant business at the age of 21 than some have done in 21 years.

After all, television shows like Toddlers & Tiaras have given many South Africans a stereotyped view of the modelling and pageant industry.

The audience often sees a vast age difference between the model and the coach, sometimes 25 years or more.

But 21-year-old Cape Town model agency owner Tiffany-Amber Moses bucked this trend when she opened her own modelling school in 2017.

What initially started off as three students and an owner, has now grown to 60 students, an assistant coach, and an owner.

Zaila Smith, left, won Miss Tiny South Africa 2020 and Chloe Carlse won Miss Mini Teen South Africa 2020.

Winning streak for Tiffany-Amber Moses

Moses has won numerous titles, a few of them include: Miss Junior South Africa 2018, Miss Pre-Teen Africa 2011, Miss Mzansi Africa 2013, Miss Rainbow Nation 2017 and more.

This year she saw her students win national titles also, namely two categories in Miss Junior South Africa 2020 competition.

Zaila Smith won Miss Tiny South Africa 2020 while Chloe Carlse won Miss Mini Teen South Africa 2020.

How Tiffany-Amber started modelling

When Mose was five, she unintentionally entered and won a talent competition at her creche. The win secured her a modelling contract with Figures Models Talent International.

“I went to the first class and I really enjoyed it, so I carried on with classes there for a few years,” said Moses.

After this she worked with “two incredible coaches”: Michelle Ann Gildenhuys and Claudia Degenaar.

“They were excellent and taught me so much. I learned a lot from both of them and they played a big role in my pageant and modelling career,” she said.

Being a very shy person, she says modelling gave her confidence to speak to people, and she enjoys public speaking now.

From model to coach

With her parents’ help and support, Moses started Tiffany Amber Models in 2017 when she was 18. She had no idea how successful and impactful her business would be three years later.

“I knew how much modelling was helping me and I really wanted to share what I’ve learned with other people, and children specifically,” said Moses.

When asked about the age difference between her and other modelling school owners and competition, she noted:

“They’re all much older than me, probably about 30 and older, but at the moment I am the youngest coach in the Western Cape”.

She sees this as an advantage as she says students can relate to her, and vice versa.

models Tiffany-Amber Moses
Tiffany Pienaar, left, has won more than 20 modelling titles with Tiffany-Amber Moses’s modelling agency.

Students share their views

Her students agree.

“What makes Tiffany Amber Models different is that every model is treated the same way — no exceptions, no favouritism,” said Tiffany Pienaar.

“You will feel that you not only have a great coach but a friend and a supporter every step of the way.”

Moses said it was never about the money, but rather the mission.

“It’s about uplifting a child and making them more confident in themselves, as well as helping them reach their goals,” she said.

Her long-term goal for the business is to open branches across the Western Cape and eventually other provinces.

Taking the titles

Tiffany Amber Models has gained traction on social media and within the pageant industry over the last three years by winning numerous titles at competitions.

Pienaar, who joined during 2018, said she had won more than 20 glamorous titles, despite also lacking confidence in the beginning.

“The second year, I won titles like Junior Queen of Africa, Miss Teen Universe and Goddess of the World. This shows that hard work really pays off at Tiffany Amber Models and that she most definitely knows how to help you be confident and a winner,” said Pienaar.

Due to her rapid growth over two years, Moses has appointed Pienaar as her junior assistant coach.

Zaila said: “I will not trade Tiffany-Amber for any other modelling coach. Having her as my coach is the best thing ever. My favourite part is when we make jokes and have a good laugh after class.”

Chloe said the girls took part in the pageant online.

“That was new to us and it was a bit difficult to adjust to doing it online,” Chloe said.

“But we are super excited and looking forward to our year of reign and the platform this title provides charity work,” Chloe said.

Aside from giving motivational speeches at impoverished schools, Moses and her models regularly give to charity. Every year she also sponsors one child from a disadvantaged community with a year of modelling.